AHL Game Night: 11-11-23 Crunch at Penguins

Syracuse gets vengeance on the Penguins. SYR-6WBS-3 Brandon Halverson allowed three goals on 29 shots for the victory. First Period7:31 SYR Carroll (2), (Day, Stephens)12:13 SYR Chaffee (2), (Crozier, Goncalves)(PP) Second Period8:48 SYR Groshev (3), (unassisted)11:03 SYR Goncalves (2), (Thompson, Chaffee)13:40 WBS Rueschoff (3), (Nylander, Harkins)(PP)14:45 SYR Chaffee (3), (Goncalves, Robert) Third Period12:26 WBS Rathbone … Read more

AHL Game Night: 11-10-23 Penguins at Crunch

Crunch blanked despite strong possession stats. WBS-4SYR-0 Hugo Alnefelt allowed four goals on 20 shots for the loss. His record has dropped to 2-2-1 on the season with a 2.67 GAA and .890 sv% with one shutout. First PeriodNO SCORING Second Period0:37 WBS Nylander (3), (Pitlick, Samorukov) Third Period3:07 WBS Smith (1), (Andonovski)5:10 WBS Harkins … Read more

NHL Game Night: 11-9-23 Blackhawks at Lightning

Lightning come unglued in unfocused loss. CHI-5TB-3 Jonas Johansson allowed five goals on 29 shots for the loss. He’s been OK, but he’s not the quality of goaltender who is going to win you games on nights where the skaters have their brains firmly up their backsides. First Period3:20 TB Cirelli (2), (Hagel, Sergachev)(PP)4:42 CHI … Read more

AHL Game Night: 11-8-23 Crunch at Senators

Groshev comes alive. SYR-2BEL-3 (SO) Hugo Alnefelt allowed two goals on 27 shots before allowing one of three shooters to convert in the penalty shot session for the SO loss. First Period12:25 SYR Groshev (2), (unassisted)15:17 BEL Guenette (1), (Crookshank, Sokolov)(PP) Second Period16:10 BEL Ostapchuk (2), (Guenette, Currie)(SH) Third Period12:48 SYE Lilleberg (1), (Groshev)(SH) OvertimeNO … Read more

NHL Game Night: 11-7-23 Lightning at Canadiens

Eighties week continues. TB-5MTL-3 Matt Tomkins allowed three goals on 26 shots for his first NHL victory. First Period0:22 TB Kucherov (10), (Hagel, Point)7:15 TB Paul (6), (Stamkos, Hedman)9:09 TB Barre-Boulet (4), (Hagel, Sergachev)(PP)13:50 TB Eyssimont (4), (Hedman, Cernak) Second PeriodNO SCORING Third Period6:50 MTL Suzuki (4), (Caufield, Monahan)(PP)7:24 MTL Pezzetta (1), (Evans, Guhle)17:40 TB … Read more

NHL Game Night: 11-6-23 Lightning at Maple Leafs

Same old crap. TB-5TOR-6 (OT) Jonas Johansson allowed six goals on 34 shots for the OT loss. First Period3:42 TOR Knies (3), (Marner, Matthews)4:17 TB Hedman (3), (Kucherov, Point)6:11 TB Kucherov (8), (Hagel, Sergachev)11:27 TB Kucherov (9), (Hedman, Stamkos)(PP)15:13 TB Point (6), (Kucherov, Hedman)(PP) Second Period2:22 TOR Matthews (12), (Brodie, Marner)5:42 TOR Matthews (13), (Knies, … Read more

NHL Game Night: 11-4-23 Lightning at Senators

Lightning dominate Ottawa en route to first road win. TB-6OTT-4 Jonas Johansson allowed four goals on 28 shots in the win. Garbage time was garbagey for the Lightning. First Period12:58 OTT Tkachuk (7), (Joseph, Sanderson)17:05 TB Hedman (2), (Kucherov, Point) Second Period0:32 TB Point (3), (Kucherov)4:57 TB Eyssimont (3), (Cirelli)18:19 TB Point (4), (Kucherov) Third … Read more

AHL Game Night: 11-4-23 Americans at Crunch

Syracuse salvages a point. ROC-5SYR-4 (SO) Hugo Alnefelt allowed four goals on 23 shots in regulation and OT before allowing both shooters he faced to convert in the penalty shot session. Presented without comment. First Period7:59 ROC Richards (2), (Giroux, Davies)(SH)12:30 ROC Nadeau (1), (Metsa, Clague) Second Period0:18 Koepke (3), (Lilleberg)(SH)4:11 ROC Rosen (5), (Kulich)10:22 … Read more

NHL Game Night: 11-2-23 Lightning at Blue Jackets

Lightning fail segment one of the season. TB-2CBJ-4 Matt Tomkins allowed three goals on 27 shots for the loss. First Period6:29 CBJ Marchenko (1), (Voronkov, Sillinger) Second Period2:53 TB Stamkos (4), (unassisted)4:42 TB Sheary (1), (Stamkos, Cernak) Third Period6:41 CBJ Jenner (5), (Werenski, Severson)9:24 CBJ Gudbranson (1), (Bemstrom, Fantilli)17:49 CBJ Gaudreau (1), (Provorov, Jenner)(EN) The … Read more

AHL Game Night: 11-1-23 Crunch at Americans

Everyone eats at Coach Bouchard’s table. SYR-7ROC-2 Pyotr Kochetkov allowed two goals on 21 shots for the victory. First Period7:09 SYR Edmonds (3), (Carlile, Carroll)16:37 ROC Murray (2), (Mersch, Johnson) Second Period1:13 SYR Robert (6), (Goncalves, Thompson)(PP)4:36 SYR Carroll (1), (Koepke)(SH)15:28 SYR Walcott (4), (Groshev, Usau)19:38 ROC Kulich (7), (Savoie, Rosen) Third Period5:47 SYR Dumont … Read more