AHL Playoff Game Night: 5-22-24 Monsters at Crunch

Season’s end. CLE-6SYR-4 Cleveland Wins the Series 3-0 Matt Tomkins allowed five goals on 26 shots for the loss. First Period14:16 CLE Gaudet (2), (Angle, Zboril)16:38 SYR Barre-Boulet (3), (Crozier, Huuhtanen)(PP) Second Period11:02 CLE Matteau (1), (Jiricek, Sillinger)(PP)16:47 SYR Koepke (4), (Day, Stephens)17:52 SYR Bellerive (3), (Huuhtanen, Walcott) Third Period1:02 CLE Whelan (2), (Pearson, Dunne)9:29 … Read more

AHL Playoff Game Day: 5-18-24 Crunch at Monsters

Syracuse’s offense still strangled. SYR-1CLE-4 Cleveland Leads the Series 2-0 Brandon Halverson allowed three goals on 27 shots for the loss. First Period8:07 SYR Stephens (1), (Day, Fortier)(PP)11:29 CLE Sweezey (1), (McKown, Bjork)15:18 CLE McKown (1), (unassisted) Second PeriodNO SCORING Third Period4:37 CLE Zboril (1), (Jiricek, Sillinger)(PP)15:14 CLE Whelan (1), (Pearson)(SH) The Crunch scored one … Read more

AHL Playoff Game Night: 5-16-24 Crunch at Monsters

Syracuse sees a golden opportunity slip through its fingers. SYR-0CLE-1 Cleveland Leads the Series 1-0 Brandon Halverson allowed one goal on 24 shots for the loss. He, obviously, deserved better. First PeriodNO SCORING Second PeriodNO SCORING Third Period4:46 CLE Pearson (2), (unassisted)(SH) Halverson was the game’s third star. This game turned on two things. First, … Read more

AHL Playoff Game Night: 5-10-24 Crunch at Americans

Crunch post masterful performance in do-or-die game. SYR-5ROC-2 Syracuse Wins the Series 3-2 Brandon Halverson allowed two goals on 18 shots for the victory. The Crunch took the week of prep after the Game Four debacle and just absolutely drilled back down on their defensive system. Impressive. First Period2:28 SYR Carlile (1), (Crozier, Robert)9:43 SYR … Read more

AHL Playoff Game Night: 5-4-24 Americans at Crunch

A choke that could prove incredibly costly. ROC-4SYR-3 (OT) Series Tied 2-2 Brandon Halverson allowed four goals on 47 shots for the OT loss. He’s put in a good shift under the circumstances, but with a deciding Game Five looming I can’t help but wonder if Joel Bouchard calls on Matt Tomkins with the season … Read more

AHL Playoff Game Night: 5-2-24 Americans at Crunch

Merela ends a marathon. ROC-1SYR-2 (2OT) Syracuse Leads the Series 2-1 Brandon Halverson allowed one goal on 34 shots for the OT win in what became an old time goaltending duel. His only blemish was a penalty shot goal and he stopped a 2-on-0 late in the first OT period. First PeriodNO SCORING Second Period11:10 … Read more

NHL Playoff Game Night: 4-29-24 Lightning at Panthers

Lightning organization at a crossroads. TB-1FLA-6 Sunrise Wins the Series 4-1. Screw Sunrise. Andrei Vasilevskiy allowed four goals on 37 shots for the loss. He played a good series, certainly a far better series than last season against Toronto. But, ultimately, Bobrovsky made the situational saves that Vasilevskiy did (and when he didn’t the referees … Read more

AHL Playoff Game Day: 4-28-24 Crunch at Americans

Series momentum swings in Crunch comeback. SYR-4ROC-3 (OT) Series Tied 1-1 Brandon Halverson allowed three goals on 27 shots for the OT win. First Period10:40 ROC Mersch (1), (Kulich, Jobst)(PP) Second Period13:00 ROC Weissbach (1), (Rousek)19:13 SYR Bellerive (2), (Myers, Duke) Third Period4:59 SYR Goncalves (1), (Myers, Robert)9:03 SYR Day (1), (Groshev, Fortier)16:06 ROC Jobst … Read more

NHL Playoff Game Night: 4-27-24 Panthers at Lightning

A sliver of hope. FLA-3TB-6 Sunrise leads the series 3-1. Andrei Vasilevskiy allowed three goals on 25 shots for the victory. First Period8:54 TB Stamkos (4), (Point, Hagel)(PP)12:09 TB Hagel (2), (Hedman)(SH)15:07 TB Point (2), (Kucherov, Hedman) Second Period4:17 FLA Verheaghe (3), (Tkachuk, Lundell)9:40 TB Hagel (3), (Sergachev, Cirelli)11:10 FLA Reinhart (3), (Montour, Tkachuk)14:33 FLA … Read more

AHL Playoff Game Night: 4-26-24 Crunch at Americans

Rochester draws first blood. SYR-2ROC-3 Rochester leads the series 1-0. First Period1:01 ROC Wahlberg (1), (Prow)13:38 ROC Ostlund (1), (Rousek, Neuchev)(PP) Second Period13:21 SYR Duke (1), (Walcott, Carlile) Third Period7:59 SYR Bellerive (1), (Walcott, Harpur)10:21 ROC Rosen (1), (Metsa, Novikov) Syracuse outshot Rochester 37-26, but Amerks starter Devon Levi was stout until Dylan Duke got … Read more