NHL Game Night: 11-30-23 Penguins at Lightning

Slump hits three games. PIT-4TB-2 Andrei Vasilevskiy allowed three goals on 28 shots for the loss. First Period9:06 TB Stamkos (10), (Hedman, Kucherov)12:33 TB Jeannot (5), (Sergachev, Kucherov)(PP) Second Period8:53 PIT Crosby (14), (Guentzel)19:24 PIT O’Conner (2), (Malkin, Letang) Third Period2:49 PIT Carter (1), (Nieto, Pettersson)18:52 PIT Jarry (1), (unassisted)(EN) Steven Stamkos was the game’s … Read more

NHL Game Night: 11-28-23 Lightning at Coyotes

Sometimes hockey is cruel. TB-1ARI-3 Jonas Johansson allowed three goals on 27 shots for the loss. The goals he allowed were on the soft side, but again, you can’t criticize too much when you only give the guy one goal of offensive support. First Period3:21 ARI Carcone (8), (Kesselring, Kerfoot) Second Period5:42 ARI Boyd (1), … Read more

NHL Game Night: 11-27-23 Lightning at Avalanche

Not enough silver linings to make loss to Avs palatable. TB-1COL-4 Andrei Vasilevskiy allowed three goals on 22 shots for the loss. Not a great stat line, but you can hardly complain about goaltending when you only get one goal of support. First Period7:12 COL Johansen (8), (unassisted) Second Period1:48 COL Johansen (9), (Tate, Makar)3:36 … Read more

AHL Game Night: 11-25-23 Rocket at Crunch

Star Wars Night ends successfully for the Crunch. LAV-3SYR-4 (SO) Matt Tomkins allowed three goals on 24 shots for the win in his Syracuse debut. First Period1:14 SYR Robert (7), (Dumont, Goncalves)(PP)11:08 LAV Kidney (3), (Stephens, Galipeau)17:11 LAV Gignac (6), (Galipeau, Bisson) Second Period4:27 SYR Chaffee (5), (Goncalves, Lilleberg)10:16 LAV Mysak (3), (McKay) Third Period7:28 … Read more

NHL Game Night: 11-24-23 Lightning at Hurricanes

Vasiy might get spoiled by this much goal support. TB-8CAR-2 Andrei Vasilevskiy allowed two goals on 24 shots for the victory in his season debut after returning from back surgery. I could argue this was, in some ways, a classic Lightning game where Vasilevskiy held the game close after a slow start and then the … Read more

AHL Game Night: 11-24-23 Comets at Crunch

Payback. UTI-0SYR-3 Brandon Halverson stopped all 26 shots he faced for the victory. First Period13:58 SYR Thompson (2), (Dumont, Chaffee)(PP) Second Period0:24 SYR Carlile (2), (Groshev, Thompson) Third Period11:14 SYR Merala (1), (Allard, Fortier) Halverson, Waltteri Merala, and Jack Thompson were the game’s three stars. You could see the relief in Merala’s posture after finally … Read more

NHL Game Night: 11-22-23 Jets at Lightning

Everything but the finish. WPG-3TB-2 (OT) Jonas Johansson allowed three goals on 32 shots for the OT loss. I thought he played one of his best games of the past two to three weeks tonight and just needed some more goal support to get the full result. First Period5:29 WPG Morrissey (3), (Demelo, Ehlers)13:06 WPG … Read more

AHL Game Night: 11-22-23 Crunch at Comets

Ambushed. SYR-1UTI-4 Brandon Halverson allowed four goals on 29 shots for the loss. First Period8:20 UTI Ibragimov (3), (Hatakka, Nemec)(PP) Second Period6:26 UTI Bowers (5), (Criscuolo)(SH)9:32 UTI Parent (6), (Foote, Thompson)11:25 UTI Criscuolo (4), (Stillman, Misyul) Third Period15:10 SYR Usau (4), (Myers, Day) I’ll be interested to see what Bouchard says about the game, because … Read more

NHL Game Night: 11-20-23 Bruins at Lightning

Lightning’s improbable win streak has them close to improbably good start. BOS-4TB-5 (OT) Jonas Johansson allowed four goals on 26 shots for the (sweet sweet goal support subsidized) win. First Period6:39 TB Jeannot (4), (Motte, Eyssimont)9:55 BOS Zacha (7), (Pastrnak, Marchand) Second Period19:30 TB Paul (8), (Sergachev, Stamkos)(PP) Third Period6:26 BOS Pastrnak (12), (Lohrei, McAvoy)7:47 … Read more

NHL Game Night: 11-18-23 Oilers at Lightning

Goals, goals, goals. EDM-4TB-6 Jonas Johansson allowed 4 goals on 43 shots for the win. First Period3:39 EDM Ryan (1), (Nugent-Hopkins, Ceci)(SH)8:31 EDM Hamblin (1), (unassisted)19:09 TB Kucherov (12), (Stamkos, Point)(PP) Second Period12:56 TB Kucherov (13), (Sergachev, Raddysh)15:55 EDM Ryan (2), (Foegele, Ekholm) Third Period3:54 TB Jeannot (3), (Eyssimont, Sergachev)8:04 EDM Bouchard (4), (Nugent-Hopkins)9:28 TB … Read more