Vasily Koshechkin


Defected Prospect
Togliatti, RUS
Selected by Tampa Bay Lightning in Round 8 (#233) of the 2002 NHL Entry Draft
Last Team: 
Magnitogorsk (KHL)
Projects As: 
No. 2 Goaltender

Draft Info

Draft Status: 
Draft Year: 
Draft Type: 
NHL Entry Draft
Drafted By: 
Tampa Bay Lightning
Pick No.: 
Draft Team: 
Lada Togliatti 2 (RUS-3)


Contract Status: 



Junior Career

Vasily Koshechkin began his hockey career with the Lada Togliatti hockey school and has remained a loyal member of their organization ever since. He began from age 16 playing for Lada's 1st (Farm) League club and spent almost all of his first four seasons at that level before receiving a late season callup to the Superleague in the '01-'02 season at the very end of that year's campaign. Although he did not actually play in the Superleague that season, the Lightning drafted Koshechkin in the 8th round of the 2002 NHL Entry Draft. An outsider in Russian national team circles, Koshechkin served as backup in the 4 Nations Tournament at 16 and in the 5 Nations Tournament at 18, but has been largely ignored to this point by the national team. In 2002-2003 Koshechkin began the year back with Lada's farm team but was soon loaned out to a pair of Upper League teams where he performed well first for Olimpia-Kirovo-Chepetsk where he posted a 1.40 GAA and then down the stretch and into the playoffs for Neftyanik Almetlevsk where he had a 1.89 regular season GAA and a 2.40 postseason GAA. The next year Koshechkin split time between the farm and the Superleague playing 13 games with a 1.46 regular season GAA for Lada 2 and 3 games with three shutouts in the Farm League playoffs. With Lada's top team he finally saw his first Superleague action in the playoffs where he appeared in 1 game allowing 3 goals in 2 periods of action. In 2003-2004 he would stay in the Superleague for good serving as veteran JF Labbe and later veteran Jiri Trvaj's backup and appearing in 8 games with a 2.47 GAA and a .887 save percentage. Koshechkin again was the backup in 2004-2005 appearing in just 4 games behind Jussi Markkanen during the lockout season. Lada's coach, Petr Vorobiev, who has a reputation for not trusting young players and preferring to coach veterans, signed Adam Svoboda to serve as Lada's starter in the 2005-2006 season again relegating Koshechkin to the backup role, but when Svoboda faltered Koshechkin stepped up to finally claim the starting job as his own. In November, 2005 Koshechkin was named's player of the month allowing just 5 goals in 7 games and posting 4 shutouts over that stretch. At the Karjala Cup break, however, financial considerations forced Togliatti to cut 3/4 of their payroll leaving Koshechkin to play behind a club that many nights has an average age of just 22 year old. Despite the inexperience of the remaining Lada club, Koshechkin chose to stay with Togliatti and played well enough with his new teammates to be named a Superleague All-Star. Throughout the season he has been in the top two in Russia in GAA, save percentage and shutouts.

Professional Career

The Lightning attempted to sign Koshechkin in the summer of 2006, but he elected to stay in Russia for the 2006-2007 season. The team cannot directly negotiate with Koshechkin due to IIHF-NHL agreement issues, but there is definite interest on the Lightning's end to have Koshechkin in training camp this fall.

Scouting Report


At 6'6", Koshechkin is easily the biggest goaltender playing in Russia and he plays his angles well and covers a lot of the net. Unlike former Lightning netminder Sean Burke, however, Koshechkin plays a quick butterfly style and is very difficult to score on in close when he gets his long pad legs down on the ice. He has good puck control for a goaltender his age.


Lada plays the trap, so Koshechkin only faces 20-25 shots on many nights, so there is some question how he will handle more of a work load. Because he's been a backup for much of his career, he's relatively inexperienced for his age although he hasn't shown it this year. Like many of his fellow Lightning goaltending prospects he needs to work on his puckhandling skills.


Bolt Prospects' staff has been monitoring Koshechkin since he was drafted in 2002 and, because he has always played well when he has gotten playing time, he's always been the darkhorse of Lightning goaltending prospects. In 2005-2006 he stepped out of the shadows and thrown his hat squarely into the middle of the ring in the pursuit of the title of the Lightning's goaltender of the future. It's always difficult to project how any European will adjust to the smaller rinks and greater speed and traffic of the North American game, but Koshechkin certainly has the look of a potential NHL starter. The key is for the Lightning to get Vasily to North America and into their developmental apparatus in Norfolk. Only then will the true extent of Koshechkin's upside really be known.


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 Season Team League GP GAA SVS%      Playoffs GP GAA SVS%
 1997-1998 Team Volga Region U15Districts Cup U153 - -|      
 1998-1999 Lada Togliatti-2Russia38 - -|      
 1999-2000 Lada Togliatti-2Russia318 - -|      
  Team Volga Region U17Districts Cup U172 - -|      
 2000-2001 Lada Togliatti-2Russia336 - -|      
 2001-2002 Lada Togliatti-2Russia352 - -|      
 2002-2003 Lada Togliatti-2Russia36 - -|      
  Olimpiya Kirovo-ChepetskRussia210 1.37 -|      
  Neftyanik AlmetievskRussia29 2.34 -|Playoffs5 3.00 -
  Neftyanik Almetievsk-2Russia31 - -|      
 2003-2004 Lada TogliattiRussia8 2.43 .888|Playoffs1 4.50 .750
  Lada Togliatti-2Russia313 - -|      
 2004-2005 Lada TogliattiRussia4 2.47 .875|      
  Lada Togliatti-2Russia322 - -|      
 2005-2006 Lada TogliattiRussia41 1.59 .935|Playoffs8 2.53 .914
  Lada Togliatti-2Russia31 - -|      
  Lada TogliattiContinental Cup3 1.33 .931|      
 2006-2007 Lada TogliattiRussia42 2.02 .924|Playoffs3 4.25 .833
  RussiaEHT6 1.95 .924|      
  RussiaWC3 2.67 .878|      
 2007-2008 Ak Bars KazanRussia19 2.73 .889|Playoffs0 - -
  Ak Bars Kazan-2Russia32 - -|      
 2008-2009 Lada TogliattiKHL43 1.65 .934|Playoffs5 1.93 .935
  RussiaEHT1 3.00 .880|      
  RussiaWC0 - -|      
  Russia (all)International1 3.00 .880|      
 2009-2010 Lada TogliattiKHL23 2.12 .921|      
  Metallurg MagnitogorskKHL26 1.84 .932|Playoffs9 2.02 .930
  RussiaEHT5 2.50 .928|      
  RussiaWC3 1.00 .967|      
  Russia (all)International8 1.93 .942|      
 2010-2011 Severstal CherepovetsKHL32 2.92 .906|Playoffs6 2.20 .946
  RussiaEHT6 2.18 .924|      
  RussiaWC0 - -|      
  Russia (all)International10 2.67 .900|      
 2011-2012 Severstal CherepovetsKHL34 2.37 .925|Playoffs6 1.32 .958
  Russia (all)International2 3.00 .894|      
 2012-2013 Severstal CherepovetsKHL51 2.13 .923|Playoffs10 2.57 .917
  RussiaEHT5 1.07 .965|      
  RussiaWC1 2.04 .895|      
  Russia (all)International6 - -|      
 2013-2014 Metallurg MagnitogorskKHL51 1.88 .940|Playoffs21 1.97 .934
  RussiaEHT2 1.01 .962|      
  Russia (all)International2 1.01 .962|      
 2014-2015 Metallurg MagnitogorskKHL51 1.86 .934|Playoffs10 2.02 .931
  RussiaEHT1 6.00 .760|      
  Russia (all)International1 6.00 .760|      
 2015-2016 Metallurg MagnitogorskKHL50 2.12 .925|Playoffs19 1.57 .948
  RussiaEHT3 2.02 .913|      
  Russia (all)International3 2.02 .913|      
 2016-2017 Metallurg MagnitogorskKHL45 2.13 .927|Playoffs17 2.15 .940
 2017-2018 Metallurg MagnitogorskKHL38 2.26 .931|Playoffs9 2.54 .911
  RussiaEHT5 1.51 .946|      
  Russia OG6 1.38 .937|      
  RussiaWC5 1.91 .914|      
  Russia (all)International18 1.46 .935|      
  Russia II (all)International2 2.00 .935|      
 2018-2019 Metallurg MagnitogorskKHL48 2.06 .930|Playoffs4 2.87 .899
 2019-2020 Metallurg MagnitogorskKHL49 1.94 .933|Playoffs5 2.25 .931
 2020-2021 Metallurg MagnitogorskKHL- - -|      

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