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2016 Supplemental Rankings


The 2015-2016 season is getting smaller in the rearview mirror and the 2016 offseason is almost half over. The Lightning appear to have had a solid draft at first glance, but time will be the ultimate judge. The club followed the excitement around the draft with potentially the biggest offseason in its history, locking up Steven Stamkos and Victor Hedman until well into the 2020’s. Alex Killorn joined the core club just a few weeks later.

With old-timers coming back and new blood in the system, it’s time for our annual Supplemental Rankings, where we insert the club’s latest draftees into our existing list of top prospects.

This go-round sees the exit of what was our No. 3 prospect, Anthony DeAngelo, who was sent to Arizona for a second round pick (Libor Hajek).

The Bolt Prospects Podcast, Episode 70

This week’s “Ruslan Fedotenko Edition” of the Bolt Prospects Podcast includes the following topics:

· The No. 70
· Re-signings and RFA watch
· Complete draft review with prospect descriptions from Al Murray
· Organizational depth chart worry
· Stamkos to …

Lightning 2016 Draft Review

The 2016 NHL Entry Draft is over, and thanks to ESPN’s football draft coverage, everyone expects an immediate grade. Well, as stated last year, we don’t do that. At least not yet; check back in five years.

We’ll rate it this way: Going into the draft we laid out the following player types on a need/want/wish list. Need doesn’t mean Tampa Bay Lightning NHL need, because no one they were going to pick at 27 or beyond was going to help this year or next (or the next?) anyway. Need covers an organizational need as it pertains to variety and depth. We can also look at perceived value per round, but you can usually stop after the fourth round on that because anything after the fourth round is a flier anyway and the probability of that player filling a need in the future organizational picture is possible, but low.

So, looking at the Lightning's 2016 draft, let’s compare who was taken with our wish list.

2016 Lightning Draft Preview

Here’s what’s going to happen Friday: The Lightning will take a center with their first choice in the 2016 NHL Entry Draft and immediately 10,000 Lightning fans will take to social media to declare this newest Bolt prospect as the immediate replacement for 91, and this draft pick proves he’s gone.


Well, partially wrong.

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