Cunti, Luca

Right Answer

Asked about the quality of hockey in Switzerland, controversial Lightning draft pick Luca Cunti had this to say in the St. Pete Times:

Center and third-round pick Luca Cunti doesn't think much of hockey in his Swiss homeland. Asked about the country's developmental program, he said, "It's not better. That's why I want to come here."

Right answer. I don't think this young man is quite the coach killing punk some have made him out to be. I think he's bored playing inferior opponents in Swiss Junior A and the NLB which isn't even the top Swiss leage. He's looking for a challenge, and that's what you want from this guy: the desire to get better. So much was made about whether or not Luca would come to North America but if you look at everything the young man has said he is talking in very specific and very concrete terms about pursuing his career over here. Good. Being in the right frame of mind is a big hurdle for Cunti to get over and it looks like he might get there. The next step is to prove he can play North American hockey in the CHL or USHL and not get his helmet fed to him.

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