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NHL Playoff Game Night: 8-23-20 Bruins v Lightning

Opportunistic Bruins play to their strengths in opener.


Boston Leads the Series 1-0

Andrei Vasilevskiy allowed 3 goals on 31 shots for the loss. He was outstanding, really, and deserved more goal support early than he got in this game, as well as fewer stupid turnovers in front of him.

First Period
18:52 BOS Coyle (3), (Carlo, Marchand)

Second Period
4:34 BOS Pastrnak (2), (Krejci, Krug)(PP)

Third Period
1:17 BOS Marchand (4), (Pastrnak, Bergeron)
8:50 TB Hedman (2), (Point, Palat)
18:46 TB Hedman (3), (Shattenkirk, Johnson)

Victor Hedman was the game's second star.

I hate to say this game went to script, but it kind of went to script. The Lightning had a flat seven minute stretch in the First Period culminating in Coyle's opening goal, but by in large they were the superior team at 5v5. Boston's strengths lie in counterattacks, building cheap possession and scoring chances on faceoff wins, and a good power play. Both teams' strengths showed through and the deciding factor was ultimately the Lightning with some sloppy puck management, particularly with McDonagh getting his pocket picked on what should've been an easy zone exit on Boston's third goal. The Lightning pried back two goals and I really wish I could see the re-run of this game on Earth II where McDonagh doesn't make that mistake because I suspect the Lightning might've pulled this one out but for that.

For Tampa Bay there should be urgency to tighten up the elements of their game that were lacking in this one including managing the puck better through the neutral zone and on zone exits, staying out of the box, and scrambling defensive zone draws, but not panic. A functioning power play would also be a beautiful thing, but sans Steven Stamkos this team looks lost with the man advantage, but I digress. They did a lot of things right in this game and were very much the superior team the final 30 minutes of hockey. The fancy stats indicate the Lightning maybe deserved better than they got tonight against Halak who made several situational saves but, to the eyeball test, wasn't entirely convincing making them. The Lightning getting to him a couple of times late in this one was crucial psychologically. Game Two will be interesting. This could be a long series, and with Tampa Bay's 5v5 advantage the Lightning need to try to take Boston out into the deep water and eventually drown them.

I can't fathom Jon Cooper's instinct to put Carter Verhaeghe into the lineup for Game One, but after watching him get destroyed in board battles on multiple occasions and the team overall lose 58% of their draws, it might be time to get old Mitchell Stephens in there.

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NHL Playoff Game Day: 8-19-20 Blue Jackets v Lightning

Lightning steal victory and evict Columbus from the bubble.

TB-5 (OT)

Tampa Bay Wins the Series 4-1

Andrei Vasilevskiy allowed 4 goals on 41 shots for the OT win. Would've like to have seen one or two more situational saves, but his performance was OK for someone under siege most of the contest.

First Period
5:38 TB Johnson (3), (Cernak, Cirelli)
6:39 TB Coleman (1), (Bogosian)
11:51 CBJ Foligno (2), (Wennberg, Atkinson)(PP)

Second Period
9:35 CBJ Stenlund (1), (Jones, Atkinson)(PP)
19:44 CBJ Wennberg (3), (Gavrikov, Foligno)

Third Period
9:33 CBJ Bjorkstrand (3), (Dubois, Gavrikov)
12:01 TB Shattenkirk (1), (Point, Kucherov)
18:22 TB Cirelli (1), (Point, Kucherov)

5:12 TB Point (5), (Kucherov)

Brayden Point and Anthony Cirelli were the game's first and second stars.

This game was a case study in how fast fortunes can change in this sport. The Lightning staked themselves to a 2-0 lead quickly in this game and looked in total control the first ten minutes of the game like they were run Columbus out of the arena. Next thing you know, there's a puck management error that leads to a PK that leads to a Blue Jackets rebound goal and the Lightning can't get their intensity back up in an elimination game. By the time they found themselves in a 4-2 hole in the Third Period, Moneypuck's game model was giving them a whopping 2.8% chance to win. But Korpisalo was very mortal today and gave up a semi-soft goal in the First Period and then another semi-soft goal to Shattenkirk and from that point on the rally was on and it was all Lightning again. The fancy stats show that nearly 2/3 of the expected goals the Lightning had today came from that Shattenkirk goal to the eventual Point game winner as the team poured it on to put the Blue Jackets away once and for all.

Did the Lightning deserve to win this game? Absolutely not. Do teams that win it all have to find ways to manufacture wins when they're not at their best in the Stanley Cup Playoffs? They do. And, to win a series against this opponent in the manner that the Lightning had to do it by humbling themselves and playing a smarter more simplified game just lays the groundwork for better things in subsequent rounds. This team was not the best version of itself in this series, but still managed to win in five games. There's something to be said for that, especially given last season's baggage.

Brayden Point's going to mess around a win a Conn Smythe if he keeps going like this.

Mitchell Stephens had 1 shot and 5 hits in 7:24. He was also 40% on 5 draws.

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NHL Playoff Game Day: 8-17-20 Lightning v Blue Jackets

Lightning's thumpers have their day.


Tampa Bay Leads the Series 3-1

Andrei Vasilevskiy allowed 1 goal on 29 shots for the win. Unquestionably his best game of the series thus far.

First Period

Second Period
0:16 TB Goodrow (1), (Coleman, Gourde)
4:09 TB Gourde (2), (Shattenkirk, Goodrow)
5:48 CBJ Atkinson (3), (Dubois, Werenski)

Third Period

Yanni Gourde and Barclay Goodrow were the game's first and second stars.

Columbus came out and gave an effort as was expected as they tried to give themselves a realistic shot in this series. They had an early flurry of possession, but the Lightning kept most of Columbus' activity outside on the perimeter. The Lightning third line then struck in the Second Period for a pair of early goals and left Columbus to chase the game. The Blue Jackets had a good push once they got a greasy goal, but a Second Period power play helped the Lightning settle down and they managed the game reasonably well from there. Columbus really looks like a team that has burned the candle at both ends and we'll see what they have left for Game Five. Seth Jones looked near ready to keel over at times in this game.

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NHL Playoff Game Night: 8-15-20 Lightning v Blue Jackets

Lightning ride Espo's Rule to critical Game Three win.


Tampa Bay Leads the Series 2-1

Andrei Vasilevskiy allowed 2 goals on 17 shots for the win. I'd have liked to have seen him step up and make a big situational save on Columbus' first goal under the circumstances, but for the most part it was a night where Vasilevskiy just didn't have much to do as the Lightning eventually doubled up Columbus in shots.

First Period
15:48 TB Killorn (2), (Cirelli, Bogosian)

Second Period
1:49 CBJ Nash (1), (Nyquist)
14:16 TB Point (4), (McDonagh, Kucherov)
18:53 TB Hedman (1), (Verhaeghe, Paquette)

Third Period
1:37 CBJ Robinson (1), (Nash, Wennberg)

Victor Hedman and Brayden Point were the game's first and second stars.

Another strange game in a series full of strange games, but in the end it points toward good things for the Lightning. They played a simply atrocious First Period getting into big penalty trouble and getting forechecked into the dirt, but killed off a 5-on-3 and escaped with a 1-0 lead against the run of play. They surrendered the lead on a neutral zone turnover that led to a quick 3-on-0 where Nash let them off the hook by shooting, but Vasilevskiy couldn't make the situational save. From that point on, though, you saw a dominant performance similar to what the Lightning put forth for much of Game One, albeit with less physical bite. They outshot Columbus 26-7 in the final 40 minutes of the game and earned the victory in the process. Part of the formula? Winning offensive zone faceoffs to generate a quick goal and tons of cheap possession. What a glorous sight to see. Brayden Point was particularly good in the f/o circles going 67% on his 12 draws tonight and you saw the possession advantage along with the mileage Columbus has had to put in start to wear on the Blue Jackets in this game. Bottom line: John Tortorella is a warlock, but at a certain point the human body isn't built to play that style against two opponents back-to-back like Toronto and Tampa Bay for the amount of games and minutes Columbus has had to play.

That said, John Cooper cannot allow his team to get fat and happy and pee it down the leg in Game Four. John Tortorella will get his team up to play and the Lightning cannot squander an opportunity to drive another stake into Columbus' heart the way they did in Game Two. Here's another test of this year's Lightning team and coaching staff. Can you keep a team down on the canvas when you've got them down? Because, bubble or no bubble, winning the Stanley Cup is still an attrition game as much as a talent game, and the quicker you can dispense of a physically taxing opponent like Columbus the better. So, were I Jon Cooper, I'd be putting the fear of God into my players that the Blue Jackets will be coming out and playing like their lives depend on it next time out because, knowing Torts, they kind of might.

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