Oleg Sosunov


Ryazan, RUS
Selected by Tampa Bay Lightning in Round 6 (#178) of the 2016 NHL Entry Draft
Last Team: 
Orlando (ECHL)
Projects As: 
Massive project defenseman
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Draft Info

Draft Status: 
Draft Year: 
Draft Type: 
NHL Entry Draft
Drafted By: 
Tampa Bay Lightning
Pick No.: 
Draft Team: 
Loko-Yunior Yaroslavl (MHL B)


Contract Status: 
Waiver Status: 
Waiver Exempt
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Contract Length: 
3 years
Cap Number: 
$716 666
Contract Start Year: 
Contract End Year: 
Contract End Status: 
$700 000
$750 000
$700 000




  • MHL B All-Star Game


Part of the Vityaz Podolsk youth program. Had one assist for Spartak Moskva U16 squad in 2013-2014 before moving to MHL-B, where he had six goals and three assists in 49 games for Molniya Ryazan. He got in three MHL games in his draft year, but played the majority of his time in MHL-B with Yunior Yaroslavl.

Scouting Report

Scouting Comments: 

"He’s a big fella out of Russia. Halfway through the season Kari Kettunen, our Finnish scout, he’s got some people that he knows in Russia and he got a phone call from one of the guys, saying ‘I have a guy here that I think somebody should come in and take a look at that I think is a little under the radar.’ So, Kari made a special trip Russia – secret agent 007 Kettunen -- went into Russia – Yaroslavl – took a look at him and came out and was very complimentary. Came back and we sent Anton Routa – another scout – in a separate trip to go take a look, and Anton confirmed Kari’s excitement that this is a big guy who skates really well and has some skill and is very raw. Both his parents were, I believe, Olympic athletes, and so he’s got a natural athletic background and he’s very coordinated for a big man. Unfortunately, he won’t be able to come to Development Camp; he’s in training camp with the Yaroslavl men’s team trying to get a spot within their organization, and with the short notice to try to get a Russian visa would have been difficult as well, so unfortunately people won’t see Oleg, but he’s a big man and we’ll see what happens going forward there." -- Lightning Director of Amateur Scouting Al Murray

"Due to his size he is not very mobile, nor is he very agile. A decent skater, but one who needs to work on both his feet and legs. Can release a good shot from the point, although it’s not a lethal weapon as it may be. He needs to work on his release and accuracy, and probably he also needs to shoot a little bit more. Doesn’t have big offensive skills as he is more of a defensive defenseman. He tends to play simple, and does not make many mistakes. He can move the puck in the offensive zone and shoot, although he has to work on his offensive upside if he wants to become an appealing prospect on both sides of the Ocean. Displayed some good defensive skills, not only sheer size. He can cover pass lines, try to poke check the opposition, and challenge players on the boards. He doesn’t take many penalties, his total PIMs count may be inflated as European referees are somewhat stricter. He has great size and while he isn’t an overly aggressive player, he is a good presence in the defensive zone. He never plays in an adventurous way, and doesn’t take unneeded penalties. He can gain some further strength in both the upper and lower part of his body, but of course he has an NHL body. While he needs to work on pretty much everything, his size alone makes him an interesting prospect for NHL teams. He has a lot of raw potential, and some good coaching can turn him into a promising defensive defenseman at pro level. -- Alessandro Seren Rosso



Reportedly skates well for his size, and plays a smart, simple game in his own end. Knows his limitations and plays within them. Has a fast release on his shot and can move the puck in the offensive zone. His great size goes a long way in covering passing lanes, poke checking puck carriers, and board work. Tons of raw potential.


Lacks great mobility and agility and needs to work on legs and feet. Needs work on shot accuracy, and overall offensive skills are negligible. While he has great size, needs to increase his overall upper and lower body strength. Has to work his way up in leagues to at least get some KHL duty, or use the CHL Import Draft to get ice time in North America.


With development and good coaching, could develop into a big defensive defenseman.


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 Season Team League GP G A TP PIM      Playoffs GP G A TP PIM 
 2013-2014 Spartak Moskva U16Russia U1625 0 11 32|        
 2014-2015 Ryazan-VDVMHL B49 6 39 50|        
 2015-2016 Loko YaroslavlMHL3 0 00 0|        
  Loko-Yunior YaroslavlMHL B39 4 812 66|Playoffs12 0 22 10 
 2016-2017 Loko YaroslavlJCWC3 0 00 2|        
  Loko YaroslavlMHL32 0 00 79|Playoffs1 0 00
  Loko-Yunior YaroslavlNMHL8 0 00 12|Playoffs5 0 33
 2017-2018 Moose Jaw WarriorsWHL71 7 1926 62|Playoffs14 0 00
 2018-2019 Syracuse CrunchAHL20 1 01 8|        
  Orlando Solar BearsECHL17 1 45 16|        
 2019-2020 Syracuse CrunchAHL4 0 00 4|        
  Orlando Solar BearsECHL21 0 11 18|        

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