Game Night 12/3: Chiefs at Gulls

Uh oh. JHN-1 SD-7 Jonathan Boutin was completely and unmercifully shelled allowing 7 goals on 30 shots faced largely a product of a truly ugly 5 goal Gulls second period. This, unfortunately, has been the story of Boutin's career to this point. He's capable of playing incredible hockey one game, like his 48 of 49 shot performance in his last start against Bakersfield, and then proceeding directly into the toilet the next. This is the first time this kind of fate has befallen him this season, but in the past such a defeat has greatly hurt Boutin's confidence and mental approach going forward in a season. Boutin possesses the raw natural ability of a 1st or 2nd round pick and was compared to JS Giguere when he started his junior career in Halifax. The Lightning should think about dispatching roving goaltending instructor Cory Schwab to Johnstown immediately when the Chiefs return from this west coast road trip to try and make sure Boutin doesn't get down on himself, stays positive and moves on past tonight's game. Having a very supportive and positive coach like Anzalone will also, no doubt, aid in that effort. Either way, the Lightning have a potentially outstanding young player here who, with some extra help and attention, has upside as good if not better than any goaltending prospect in this organization. Gerard Dicaire had a power play goal with Justin Kelly adding an assist in garbage time as well. Game sheet from [url=][/url]