Game Night 11/18: River Rats at Falcons

Blogging is so much more enjoyable of an experience when you have as much good news as has come down the pike the last couple of days. ALB-3 SPR-5 Pretty darn good third period for a team that has struggled in the final frame all season. How good a season is Stormin' Norman Milley having? The man has been a demon on the power play all season, and the thing about him is that he's one of those sneaky players, one of those smart vets who lays in the weeds and then capitalizes on the one or two chances that come their way. Also, what's not to love about Marek Kvapil's first professional goal? Somewhere Chad Schnarr is lifting a cold imported Canadian brew to you Special K. Gerald Coleman with the victory as Jake Goertzen hinted in Tampa last night that Coach Graham may give the keys to young Gerald for a while after Brian Eklund has struggled in his last couple of starts. And Zbynek Hrdel, who as of post time is being credited with a goal and an assist. Here is a guy who had adapted surprisingly well to the more physical AHL style. Coming out of last season we here at Bolt Prospects were concerned that Hrdel might be a little soft to take to the pro level quickly coming out of the finesse style of the Rimouski Flying Circus in the QMJHL. His poor showing at the Memorial Cup and a mediocre viewing I had of him at a Johnstown game did nothing to dissuade this notion. However, seeing him a few days ago, I can honestly say I think he is beginning to understand that at 6'4" and about 200 pounds he doesn't have to be a perimeter player. Now if someone would tell Henrich, we'd be in great shape. Another great game by Ryan Vesce as well. Eric who? Enjoy Switzerland Monsieur Perrin. Game sheet [url=]hopefully available from the horribly broken down tonight [/url]