ECHL Affiliation News

Members of the Mississippi Sea Wolves front office recently sat down with the Sun Herald to discuss the state of the team as it begins the process of preparing for its second season back in the Coast Coliseum since Hurricane Katrina.
During the interview, the Sea Wolves front office briefly discussed the future of a continued affiliation with the Tampa Bay Lightning:


SH: As far as the roster goes, do you have any goalies protected?
SW: No.
SH: Where are they going to come from?
SW: The goalies, we don't know what's going to happen there. Normally you would get them from the affiliate. Leif and I were talking about it and possibly we'll sign one on our own, but then what happens when the affiliation sends two down? Then you're caught. Once Tampa and everyone gets done with this draft, the pictures of the murky water become a lot clearer in what direction we're going to be going.
SH: Any affiliate update? Are you talking with teams?
SW: We're talking with three different teams. Tampa is involved. Tampa was just a one-year affiliation like it always is. It just expired, but at the same time we were ready to renew it, but when I talked to the general manager there, he said let's wait for the ownership issues to get out of the way because they might have their own plans of where they want to put their affiliation. They take over June 18 and the draft in the 20th. It will be July before any sort of affiliation is signed. And that's about the same time as last year.