Lightning Wins NHL Draft Lottery

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The Tampa Bay Lightning have won the draft lottery for the 2008 NHL Entry Draft and secured the #1 pick in the draft.

Dave Andreychuk, who sat in as the Lightning's representative for the draft drawing, has the magic mojo.

Steven Stamkos is a Bolt.

Can you say, "skill?"

Welcome to Tampa Bay, young man.

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This is the best news all

This is the best news all year for the Lightning. Provided he makes an immediate impact (which I don't doubt at all), they are only a few more pieces away from ensuring that they won't win the John Tavares sweepstakes next year.

If they can get Stamkos a

If they can get Stamkos a veteran sniper to play with, they might just win the division next season.

Oren Koules, pay attention: the hockey gods have given you a second chance. Be the owner this fan base needs you to be.

Cap space?

How much cap space do the lightning currently have, and how much will the lightning likely clear off the books? I know buying out Denis has been rumored, but I think we'd still have to pay 50% of his salary or something. Trading Kuba is unlikely so I'm hoping they clear 1.5-2 million by getting rid of O'brien and Lukowich. If we can throw 3.5-4.5 at Satan, we instantly have a scary 2nd line with Satan-Stamkos-Halpern. Then potentially sign someone like Aaron Ward to shake things up on D.

It isn't really a question

It isn't really a question of cap space. It's a question of budget. The team was well under the cap this year, but were being held to PS&E's self imposed budget. That's why I said: the ball is in Oren Koules' court (presuming he pulls off this sale).

If he kicks in enough money this team can A.) make a run for the division title next season and B.) make a run for a cup in another 2-3 years. But we've got to get a sniper for Stamkos and we've got to lock Vinny up as a Bolt for life.

The "New Michael Jordan of

The "New Michael Jordan of hockey" ?
I mean... In 1998 the new owner came to Tampa and selected Lecavalier as number one pick.
Exactly 10 years after Koules has a chance to do the same.
If so, we should await for a second cup until 2014 :) Not too long :))

Just to be sure...

I know Stamkos is undoubtedly the #1 player in the draft, but I don't completely trust Feaster to make him their pick. After all, what good has he done for the frachise the last few years? I will keep my fingers crossed until draft day when he is (hopefully) donning the Lightning uni. Just to be sure.

It's Stamkos.

Book it.

Even the Chicken Littles can be happy about this.

Update on Stamkos?

What happened or what is going on in the Playoffs?

His season is over.

His season is over. Kitchener dismantled Sarnia.

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