Deal to put Crowley in Norfolk falls through

According to Everett Herald Silvertips writer Nick Patterson, a potential deal that would have put Lightning draftee Dane Crowley in Norfolk to end the season has fallen through.

Crowley, a defenseman, was coming off a year in which he scored 10 goals and 29 points in 66 games for Everett of the WHL. Prior to last year Crowley scored 17 points in 29 games with the 'Tips after being acquired from Swift Current at the 2007 WHL trade deadline.

Any potential NHL contract between Tampa Bay and the WHL overager this summer was thought to be dependent on reasonable contract demands from the Crowley camp. It appears this is already off to a bad start, if indeed there is anywhere to go from here.

It is unknown at this time whether the contract in question was an AHL amateur tryout agreement or an NHL entry deal.

Crowley was a sixth round pick of the Bolts in 2006.

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Not Good

From what I have read, Crowley didn't have a stellar season this year. And this is not a good start on overall contract negotiations. This guy is a 6th round pick. No doubt he could help out in Norfolk next year. But I would not advise falling on the financial sword to get him. Right now the Bolts own his rights for the next several years. So he can play hockey in their system or try his luck in Europe.

By the way does he use R2's agent as well.

Actually, Crowley will go

Actually, Crowley will go back in the draft if he doesn't sign. I can't imagine a team taking him higher than the 6th round which is where the Lightning took him, if at all, so his agent would be really foolish to stick to any unreasonable demands.

I, personally, would like to see Crowley signed. I think if Smaby goes up next year and Lundin stays up Norfolk is going to be thin defensively and I think they will need a guy like Crowley who can play a decent two way game and eat some minutes. Outside of Mihalik, there's not much on that blueline you can hang your hat on next year. Oft injured Andy Rogers. Wet behind the ears Kevin Quick. Turnover challenged Mario Scalzo. They might have to sign a guy like Hurley just to have enough warm bodies down there.

Crowley can't go back into

Crowley can't go back into the draft because he is an 87 birthdate, an overager- and therefore ineligible for the draft. If he were an 88, then yes, he'd have to be signed or else go back in. I'm pretty sure the Bolts maintain his rights.

That doesn't sound right to

That doesn't sound right to me. Teams don't hold onto a prospect's rights indefinitely. They never have with North Americans and with the new CBA the North American rules were applied to the Europeans. The only exception is Russia because of the lack of a transfer agreement with the IIHF.

I'm pretty sure he goes back into the draft, unless overagers who don't get signed in the two year window automatically become UFA's. I suppose that's possible. I seem to recall something similar to that being a possibility if Sheldon Keefe hadn't signed within his 2 year window.

We really need to get a lawyer on retainer to Bolt Prospects to give us CBA rulings.

Someone ask Feaster... he's

Someone ask Feaster... he's a lawyer AND the GM.

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