NHL Game Night 3/19: Lightning at Sabres

A monumental come from behind victory in the Steve Stamkos sweepstakes.


Karri Ramo allowed 6 goals on 31 shots for the loss. When you're staked a three goal lead coming into the third period, you have to get the W. I don't care how bad the team plays in front of you. Ramo had to make it stand up, and he failed miserably. That's probably only the fourth bad start he's had this year.

Matt Smaby was -1 in 12:11 with 4 hits, including one particularly vicious hit standing up and dropping Patrick Kaleta on the rush. Like the rest of the team, I thought he played a pretty good first 40 minutes. But he didn't see much ice in the third. He did tie Vincent Lecavalier for the team high in hits with 4 though in his limited ice time, so there's something to build on.

Box score and extended statistics from NHL.com.

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And Ramo showed why he

And Ramo showed why he should be getting regular work in Norfolk. By the looks of that Nor score tonight they could really use the help. And would it be so terrible if Denis had to be called up to sit on the bench so Smith can work the rest of the games. Sending Ramo down to get something like 8-10 games in certainly would help more than him sitting on the bench, maybe playing 3-4 games.

He's Be Working Alright

With what is in front of him in Norfolk right now, he couldn't help us. Boutin was so pissed tonight, when he was relieved, he started taking baseball swings at the locker room door in full view of the crowd. And things were so quiet with things being so bad, you could still hear him banging his stick all the way down the hallway.

If Ramo thinks he didn't get any support in the 3rd in Buffalo, it will only get worse being in Norfolk. According to Tris Wykes of the Daily Press, Stirling wrote on the clipboard as the game ended in large letters "Embaraasing". Between injuries (Milley, Scalzo and Szczechura out for the year) and call-ups (Stewart, Lessard and Smaby) we now have an ECHL caliber team.

Don't crush the young man like that.

Somebody pinch me or

Somebody pinch me or something. I still can't believe that happened. What an incredible and total collapse. I watched the first two periods and it seemed as though the Bolts were going to roll along just fine as they have the last few games. I thought, wow, this team has finally gotten it together...better late than never right. I had to leave my house for a bit during the 2nd intermission and returned after the game was over. I figured they'd sealed the deal so I put on the NHL Network to try and catch highlights to see what I missed in the third. I couldn't believe what I was seeing as I watched the low lights of the third period. There is no excuse to have a game in hand like that and have a total colaspe like that..that's not NHL quality. To have the game in the bag and then give up 6 unanswered goals in the third to lose the game after going into the period up by 3 goals is beyond belief. I do realize that Ramo is a young goaltender, and yes he is talented, but come on now...you can't let that kind of meltdown happen at this level. It wasn't just him, the team looked like they let down...can't happen. Wow, I just hope management gets it together during the off-season to turn this thing around. The team looked like their current standings position show, last in the conference. There have been too many third period colapses this season. Lets hope they can get that figured out by the time next season rolls around.

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