Lightning Trade Prospal

The first move of the deadline for the Tampa Bay Lightning has finally occurred. TSN is reporting the Lightning have traded winger Vaclav Prospal to the Philadelphia Flyers in exchange for defenseman Alexandre Picard and a 2nd or 3rd round pick in 2009.

Picard, a 22 year old 6'2" 220 lbs blueliner, has 8 goals and 38 points in 53 games with the Philadelphia Phantoms of the AHL this season to go along with 31 penalty minutes and a -8 rating. Picard was an AHL All-Star this season who also had 4 scoreless games worth of action with the Flyers this season. Last year the defenseman played 62 games with the big club racking up 3 goals and 22 points to go along with 17 penalty minutes and a -24 rating.

According to Hockey Forecaster, Picard, "Has poise and maturity with and without the puck. Can be a factor in all three zones and already displays consistency in his overall play." However, they go on to say he, "Needs to do a better job of keeping opposing forwards honest with more physical play. May not put up big offensive totals in the NHL."

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Prospal Trade

What's that bring the total of "young", "promising", defense-man to? And a 2nd or 3rd rd pick in 09 instead of this year? Feaster has to go, or at least stop trading. Im very scared to see what Richards will bring with Feaster at the control.

I'm really starting to

I'm really starting to wonder what most people think we should have gotten for a streaky UFA to be who has never really lived up to expectations when not playing with Tampa. Picard won't bring in anything earth shattering, but he has the potential to be a top 4 guy, and we get a pick to go along with restocking the minors.

Prospal wasn't going to bring in a bluechipper or a first rounder, regardless of who the GM is.

Streaky? I guess... Who

Streaky? I guess... Who care what he did elsewhere. He wasn't playing for the Bolts, why would I care how productive he is. Good thing too, bc the Bolts never would have gotten him back if he had been productive somewhere else. U must be an ANA fan, huh? They got a great deal when Feaster gave up a 2nd rd pick for that "streaky" guy as well as fleecing Feaster for a 1st rd pick for O'Brien. Look back at the deals made last year and the year before and you trade Prospal for that.

When the system is littered with the exact same kind of non-physical offensive defense-men. Im starting to think Feaster is a HACK!!! Oh wait, he is a HACK!! What 2 maybe 3 good traded in the years he's been here. Time to go, Chins and all, Feaster. Don't even get me started on Boyle deal, especially when they are going to trade Richards. I would rather them have traded Boyle than Richards..

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