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Dissapointed Excitement

As we wait to see what the roster outcomes are to be, I must digress. It is not good (but necessary) to lose anybody, except maybe Prospal, Gratton, Boyle or Richards, maybe even Vinny. But what if we had changed coaches back in November, and were still in the hunt? Maybe brought the team together, appointed a captain, and rolled four lines conistently? I call out the coaches as not promoting a team concept: overplaying the stars to the point where they have nothing left in the third and destroying the confidence of the 3&4th lines who play out of fear (third period collapses)...or maybe the G.M. for not making the necessary change. As Gaborik quoted in this morning's Times, "It's hard when their (top) guys play 25 minutes every night and basicly they rely on those three or four guys." Amen! With all this talk about change, what about the most significant one?