Lascek Recalled to Norfolk

The Norfolk Admirals have announced that they have recalled winger Stanislav Lascek from Mississippi of the ECHL. The right winger missed the first month plus of the season nursing a groin injury and has 4 goals and 12 points in 13 games since returning to the lineup for the Sea Wolves.

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Cant wait to hear the report

Cant wait to hear the report about Stan being put on the third line as a grinder for 10 minutes and then the complaints about his lack of production and development.

He's probably my favorite young Bolt aside from Jones and I do hope he gets a shot on a scoring line, but from previous episodes under Stirling I dont see it happening which is unfortunate

Stirling puts kids on the

Stirling puts kids on the third line in order to see if they're willing to do the little things in the physical game and defensively. A guy like Stan will never make the NHL if he doesn't learn to do those little things so I don't think Coach is out of line asking him to prove he is willing and able to do them before he hands him a spot on a scoring line.

No passengers.

We won't see eye to eye on

We won't see eye to eye on this at any point. Very few if any teams take this route with their players and so many other teams have success with their youngsters. Teddy Purcell I again point to as being immediately placed on a scoring line in the AHL despite not being a physical force at all and succeeding in his first pro season. While the skill levels may be slightly different, the skill set isnt.

Putting a guy of Stan's nature on a banger line is akin to putting Brad Richards (again poor choice because of skill level, but not skill set) on a line with Andre Roy and Tarnasky and asking him to bang and yet still score 70-80 points. When he has a 7-8 game scoreless streak then sending him down because he just wasnt producing for his skill set despite playing with two baboons.

Norfolk is already desperate for scoring and the top line guys are proving their pretty much useless right now with the exception of Keller who has played well recently and Henrich. Even Blair has been quiet since his return and who knows if thats 49-second-at-the-NHL-level confidence showing. To me, allow players like Stan to get comfortable at the next level in THEIR OWN skill set, not what in Stirling thinks every player should be. It isnt working. Didnt work last season and hasnt this season. Players dont get comforatble playing out of skill slot unless confidence fiddling is what youre looking to accomplish at which this type of coaching has proved to be quite effective. Allowing them to get comfortable first in what they do, and then teaching them to go to the corners (that is the coaches job to teach this) is what I've seen work best.

Ehh, I've been a part of a junior A team for a few seasons before (not playing) and have seen what this type of theory leads to with breaking confidences and why I dont agree with it.

Differenc eof opinion is all :)

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