NHL Game Night 12/26: Lightning at Capitals

Apparently the Lightning skaters didn't get any "effort" for Christmas.


Karri Ramo allowed 3 goals on 31 shots in the loss including the late game winning goal which came on a shot which was deflected off a stick on the way in that Ramo stopped with his shoulder, popped into the air, and was eventually pushed in accidentally by Martin St. Louis and Paul Ranger. Tough way to take the loss for the kid.

First Period
Tampa Bay 5:43, Vincent Lecavalier 24 (Vaclav Prospal, Martin St. Louis)
Washington 16:11, Dave Steckel 3 (Quintin Laing, Matt Bradley)

Second Period
Tampa Bay 9:49, Vincent Lecavalier 25 (Vaclav Prospal, Shane O'Brien)
Washington 17:42, Brian Pothier 4 (Alexander Ovechkin, Dave Steckel)

Third Period
Washington 17:07, Matt Bradley 2 (Dave Steckel, Mike Green)

Mathieu Darche was -1 in 17:41 with 2 shots and 1 hit.

Mike Lundin played 13:56 with 1 hit and 1 shot.

Box score and extended statistics from NHL.com.

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tough loss

The defense had a hard time clearing the front of the net and moving the puck out of the zone. Washington played the Bradley line quite a bit tonight, a line not well known and Tampa couldn't seem to move the puck against them or stop them....ugly.

Tough loss

Washington forechecked two forwards all night, and even when the Center dropped back to help (not a lot) the Bolts were unable to execute a break out.

First guy in takes the man, second man gets the puck. If the first two tie up the puck behind the net, the third guy goes to the front of the net.

Worked all night and gave the Caps a lot more puck possesion and good chances.

The defense looked very over manned tonight.


As a Norfolk ADs fan, I keep reading rumors of Denis being reassigned to Norfolk. I could see why the Bolts didn't do it right away in order to see how Ramo would do. But based upon what I have read and seen, Ramo has played his last game in Norfolk. And there was the movement freeze due to expire at midnight tonight.

So with the freeze being gone, any news, rumors or speculation as to when Denis gets reassigned to Norfolk. I just can't see the Bolts keeping him around Tampa with him not playing. Maybe he could come to Norfolk and get his game together and possibly be in a rotation with Boutin. I don't think the powers that be have that much confidence in Munce.

What have the Bolts got to lose? If Denis plays well in Norfolk, they could put him on recall waivers and some other team snatch him up at half price. That frees up one-half of the balance of his 2.8 mil salary this year and frees up 1.5 mil next year to spend on the needs of the Bolts, and there are a lot of places that money could help in. And if he gets his game together and makes in back to Tampa on recall waivers, then Denis would be able to make some positive contributions to the team.



Looks like he is being sent down tomorrow after the freeze...at least according to RDS

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