BP Upgrade

As Santa delivered toys to all the good boys and girls, BP tech staff delivered a fresh new version of BP to its readers. And while the merits of this new software version will reveal itself in the weeks to come with added functionality, for now the main thing that you will see are some changed themes for you. Check them out by going to your Account and selecting the theme that feels right for you.

There's some bug-a-boos in the system still... mainly in the media department. The gallery and videos didn't upgrade smoothly, so I still have some work in that area before all is up to snuff. And I haven't forgotten about a full-featured message board integration either. I'm busy at work on that next.

But this gets the site back up and doing what it does best -- reporting on Tampa Bay Lightning prospects. More to come....

...Oh and if you observed any goofy behavior from the software or just don't plain like something, drop me a line either by comment or email.

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I really like the litejazz

I really like the litejazz theme on IE. Might need to edit the stick on the main logo to have just a shade more white outline to make it perfect.

either white on the stick or

either white on the stick or a lighter background on litejazz, yes, otherwise very nice can't wait for the message board btw.

I'm digging Salamander

I'm digging Salamander myself..

Hmm. White outline? I already added drop shadow so it'd blend in with all the other themes.. I may just make a whole new logo, just out of boredom.

Viewing Pictures.

Gallery Page error for all pics/videos.

Unable to create scaled Original image is the screen message.
Was able to view some of these prior to the upgrade.

Using Firefox
22 inch screen vid set at 1680/1250

The layout is better IMHO. Thanks for the work and I too am waiting for the Message board updates....


Video and Pics...

Yeah... both video and pictures didn't play nice in the upgrade... I'm working on that too...

And Hoek... any new version(s) of logos will be appreciated. Just email them to timothy@boltprospects.com

Message Board Update

Here's an update on where we are with getting a full-featured message board up and running at BP. On Wednesday, I completed the installation, configuration, and integration of the free, open-source phpBB message board with my test version of BP on my laptop. The integration went remarkably smooth. There is one important issue to resolve if I were to roll it out to the production BP version.

..However.. after installing phpBB and kicking the tires, I discovered that it in fact did not have an ignore feature as advertised. I believe this is a show-stopper with many Lightning fans interested in a message board alternative to SSN.

...So... I'm left with the only alternative for an ignore feature is to actually purchase a commercial license to vBulletin, which is about $160 for a forever license or $85 for a one-year license. More updates soon...

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