AHL Game Night 12/22: Admirals at Bears

Silver lining: we have a Radek Smolenak sighting.


Jonathan Boutin stopped 35 of 39 shots faced in the loss.

First Period
HER Potulny, (12) (Gordon, Motzko), 2:28 (PP)
NOR Henrich, (7) (Wanvig, Smolenak), 7:21
HER Wilson, (7) (Morgan, Barney), 9:51

Second Period
HER Wilson, (8) (Paiement, Lepisto), 17:57

Third Period
HER Joudrey, (5) (Gordon, Potulny), 10:56

And the Adam Henrich Redemption Tour 2007-2008 continues.

Game sheet from TheAHL.com.

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Adam Henrich should be signed and sent to Tampa. He's obviously on quite the roll so there's no time like the present to find out what he's capable of.

Lets not get ahead of

Lets not get ahead of ourselves. Contract? Maybe. Sent to Tampa? No thanks. And even if he was, Torts wouldn't play him. See: Jones, Blair.

A Contract, Maybe

Despite Henrich's hot start here, I don't think he is ready for prime time in Tampa yet. I want to see him doing what he does consistently.

Now, an AHL contract should be in the offing. That's a reward for his good play so far. And it would be a big step in Henrich rehabilitating his hockey career. If his performance holds up, maybe invite him to Tampa's camp next year and see how he stacks up against the big boys.

What in the world (I wanted to use some other words) is going on with Blair Jones. From what I have seen he is a placeholder on the bench and sees virtually no ice time. I have no quarrel with the parent club calling up players from the minor league club due to injuries and the like. But when you call them up, let them play. We are dying on the vine here in Norfolk due to having no offense other than Wanvig and Henrich. And while those two guys numbers are good, they can't carry a team. Now I am not suggesting that Blair Jones is the Lecavalier heir apparent for Tampa. But he did a lot of good things here in Norfolk that we are lacking now.

So please play him in Tampa or send him back to Norfolk. We could sure stand the help.

My point is that he's

My point is that he's playing with confidence right now and this might very well be the best time to see exactly where he's at in his development. There's gotta be something to him having success after leaving Tampa. The Wheeling coach spoke very highly of him in the dressing room and on the ice. It's all about confidence. Feaster's approach was to criticize Henrich through the media, restrict his ice in the AHL, send him to the ECHL, call him back up, and agian restrict his ice time. I'm not criticizing Feaster, just pointing out that while this method might work with well with other young men, it apparantly didn't work well with Adam. However, the Wheeling approach seems to have contributed to Adam finding his stride...or what do I know, maybe it was a combination of both...who knows. How bad would it have looked on Tampa had Adam been this successful on another AHL team? I wonder how many other teams are watching him? Maybe many, maybe none. Right now Tampa looks smart. Who's to say Adam wouldn't be successful playing in the NHL right now?

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