Admirals Recall Hrdel

The Norfolk Admirals have recalled forward Zbynek Hrdel from Mississippi of the ECHL. In addition, the team sent enforcer Brett Angel down to Mississippi and released forward Lance Monych from his PTO contract.

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Monych being sent back down was no surprise to me. He didn't register a point while he was here and Henrich has been on a tear since his arrival. Angel hustles and brings the enforcer role to the ADs, but he really needs to work on the other aspects of the game. His playing time was very limited in Norfolk as well. Hopefully going to MS will help remedy those two issues. We still have Rosehill and Leach to throw down when the situation dicatates.

The head scratcher to me is Hrdel. He didn't do much in Norfolk at the first of the year which earned him a trip to MS. But while at MS he hasn't registered many points and has a -3. Now, he may be doing those things he wasn't doing in Norfolk which do not show up on the score sheet but are essential for a team. Maybe some of the posters here from MS could shed some light on that for us. Here in Norfolk he will definitely be 3rd or 4th line material based upon his scoring potential. But if the idea is to put him on the 1st or 2nd line, this move makes no sense. If we wanted to bring some more scoring to Norfolk, then Lascek, warts and all would be the smarter move. He has been on a scoring tear in MS. Now his past shows he brings nothing to the defensive or physical side of the game.

The Hrdel situation is simply confusing. I'll just have to wait until the weekend games to see where they plug Hrdel in.

Stirling likes Hrdel because

Stirling likes Hrdel because he plays a simple, responsible game. He is the AHL equivalent of Andreas Karlsson: warm milk. Vanilla.

And, right now, Norfolk doesn't look like they need the scoring. They need to bring the goals against down.


Thanks for the answer. I was looking for a rationale for calling Hrdel up. The have allowed a lot of rubber to come at Ramo the last two games. And but for his stellar effort, the ADs would have lost. If he helps in this area, all well and good.

I wouldnt have Hrdel on a

I wouldnt have Hrdel on a 1st line SPHL team... I think he does play well away from the puck though... really a defensive forward... only goal he scored he about tripped on himself when it when off his body into the net... the Leach you are talking about is it Jay Leach?, we had him back in like 01-02 when we had other affiliations... I dont think any of yours guys wanted to be here, I know Smoke didnt and prob Hrdel... we will see what happens and please let us keep Laseck... please

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