NHL Game Night 11/14: Hurricanes at Lightning

whoopin' (verb used with an object)- 6. Informal. to defeat or overcome: to whip the opposition; to whip a bad habit.


Johan Holmqvist stopped 28 of 29 shots faced in the win.

First Period

Second Period
Tampa Bay 1:27, Paul Ranger 3 (Vincent Lecavalier, Martin St. Louis)
Tampa Bay 4:12, Vincent Lecavalier 10 (unassisted)
Tampa Bay 12:32, Martin St. Louis 6 (Vincent Lecavalier, Michel Ouellet)
Tampa Bay 14:24, Vincent Lecavalier 11 (Mike Lundin)
Tampa Bay 19:18, Vaclav Prospal 12 (power play) (Paul Ranger)

Third Period
Carolina 7:22, Jeff Hamilton 5 (power play) (Chad LaRose, John Grahame)
Tampa Bay 14:51, Vincent Lecavalier 12 (Martin St. Louis, Mike Lundin)

Vincent Lecavalier held a clinic tonight. 3 goals, 2 assists, +5, 5 shots on goal, 2 hits, 1 blocked shot. Karmanos no longer owns the 'Canes. Vinny does.

We here at Bolt Prospects need to start the All-Star write-in campaign for Paul Ranger. That silky smooth backhand was as good as the silky smooth backhands deposited by St. Louis and Lecavalier later in the game. Before our eyes he is becoming a #1 NHL defenseman. Once he gets more involved as a power play quarterback, he will be one. No doubt about it.

I give respect to Doug Janik. He's not one of my favorites, but he sure wiped the floor with Craig Adams tonight. Busted him open with the fists and then spinebusted him hard onto the ice. You want to talk about completely demoralizing a team? There it was. Skinny NCAA trained Doug Janik signing Carolina's death warrant in blood as the icing on the cake to a 6-1 humiliating loss that only goes to reinforce just how much the Lightning have dominated Carolina over the past 4-5 seasons. What Janik did was a psychological exclamation point that may have value down the stretch of the season. If the division is close in March, and those head to head games decide it, the 'Canes will have tonight burned into their subconscious every time the momentum swings into Tampa's favor.

Speaking of which, I'd like to take this opportunity to once again express my undying hatred of the TV broadcast duo for Carolina. Other than Florida's TV crew (whose arrogance and homerism comes in support of a team that has done absolutely nothing at all to merit it) there is not a crew in the entire league more prone to sport the rose colored Blue Blockers than those two. The unprofessionalism is so thick it almost oozes out the speakers on my television.

Tonight's outrage? Carolina's announcers claiming the Hurricanes gave the game to the Lightning by not scoring in the first period. Huh, really? I thought the Lightning won the game when they reached into Carolina's chest cavity and ripped out their hearts to the tune of a 5-0 second period. A week ago they whined Carolina would've won if they hadn't come out flat in the first period. This week they didn't come out flat and still got their buttocks handed to them. Call me crazy, but at this point the calculus is quite simple: the Lightning are a BETTER TEAM right now than the Carolina Hurricanes. Period. Forslund and Lil' Tripp can live in denial land where Carolina is some Chuck Norris-esque entity that only ever loses if they allow it, but in the real world them's the facts.

Oh, yeah, and at some point Forslund can quit being a jerk and start pronouncing Nick Tarnasky's name properly too. This is his second year in the league and even his partner Lil' Tripp can and has pronounced Tarnasky's name properly on their broadcasts. This leads me to assume that he is doing this deliberately, which is so amazingly unprofessional it boggles the mind. Can you imagine how Nick Tarnasky's parents feel sitting at home hearing their name butchered "Tinarski" over and over and over again? Perhaps we should also start a campaign to give Mr. Forslund a new colorful pronounciation of his last name so that every time his name comes up we can show him the same level of respect he shows Nick Tarnasky. Sound fair? I think so.

Tonight also marked young Mike Lundin's first multi-point game as an NHLer with two assists. He finished +1 in 20:18 with 2 blocked shots.

Box score and extended statistics from NHL.com.