Greetings from that other Gulf Coast team...

Twelve hours till game time here in Biloxi. Hope the boys decide to show up for the game tonight. Just to let you all know, I'm no hockey expert, never played the game. I only really got interested in hockey during the Sea Wolves Kelly Cup season. But I quickly got hooked on the game and I'm an avid Sea Wolves fan now.

The first two weeks down here have not been enjoyable on the hockey front. But considering what we've dealt with the last two years, even bad hockey is better than no hockey!

Some random observations...

Morgan Cey: I like him in goal. He tends to flop around in a sort of Dominic Hasek style occasionally without the Hasek flopping skills. He seems to have good vision for the shots coming his way most of the time and makes some pretty damned spectacular saves.

Power Play: We need some serious re-tooling on this. The puck seems to spend a lot time behind the goal line going back and forth, with occasional forays along the boards. We don't seem to put anyone in the slot or in the paint often or long enough to bother the goalie.

Penalty Kill: I know we've given up quite a few PP goals, but overall I'm not all that disappointed in the PK. Other than we have to do it far too often.

Break Outs: Uh, I'd say something about this, but I haven't seen enough decent breakouts yet. :-(

Defense: Comes and goes. Sometimes it's working really well but we've given up way too many odd-man rushes. Luckily Cey handles himself pretty well but he can't do it all by himself.

I know not all our players are in the TB system but should give a good idea of the overall team down here. We're used to a team that is more competitive than what we've seen so far so a lot of us fans are getting frustrated. I hope to have a little time to report what happens tonight and I may have time to go watch the morning skate today depending on when the cable guy shows up. If you have any specific questions for me feel free to throw them out there. GO Sea Wolves!!