ECHL Game Night 11/4: Texas @ Mississippi

Went to the fridge this morning to get some milk for my cereal, and saw Kvapil, Smolenak, and Hrdel's pictures on the side of the carton. I'm sure the Sea Wolves management must be going back through the team files to make sure they really did sign an affiliation agreement with the Lightning this summer. Perhaps it was just a bad dream.

After seven Mississippi games, I would considering posting the Lightning ECHL stats so far, if there were any stats to report. One word: pathetic. I can only apologize to the good fans of the Gulfport and Biloxi area. But my apologies certainly aren't going to help wins games unfortunately. But Kvapil and Smolenak could certainly help win games. Alas.

Mississippi now off to a 1-6 start after a 4-0 shutout by the Texas Wildcatters on Sunday.

Texas 4 @ Mississippi 0
F Marek Kvapil: 0-0-0; -1; 0 PIM; 0 SOG
F Radek Smolenak: 0-0-0; -1; 0 PIM; 3 SOG
F Zbynek Hrdel: 0-0-0; Even; 0 PIM; 0 SOG
F Brandon Elliott: 0-0-0; Even; 2 PIM (roughing); 0 SOG

Former Bolt goaltending prospect Morgan Cey stopped 31 of 35 shots enroute to his sixth loss of the season.

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Not Impressed

I have been reading the spots on the Sea Wolves, especially, the stats on the four sent down to them. Elliott doesn't concern me because he is not a scorer.

But the other three, who are expected to be scorers, their numbers are beyond bad. They have done absolutely nothing and with their talent, they should really be producing.

They are probably fortunate that there are no other lower levels in minor league hockey like the SPHL that they could be sent down to. Because if that could happen, they would be toiling there for sure.

Absolute waste of talent. At this rate, they will be gone from the Bolts organization at the earliest possible moment.

Wonder who Walby is talking about??

From the SunHerald today re: Sunday's 4-0 loss to Texas:


"We came up again against a good disciplined team," Walby said. "Our PK (penalty killing) was good. It's a headscratcher because we had all the right opportunities. The energy and the sense of pride wasn't out on the ice tonight. That's disturbing because we've been taking steps forward."

Hey, Pete, did Stirling say anything about a lack of energy and sense of pride about any prospects?

I wonder about this comment Walby made...

Taken from our local newspaper (Rosa is one of the players on the Texas roster):

"He (Rosa) was their difference tonight," Sea Wolves coach Steffon Walby said. "He's a leader. As he goes, that team goes. We have one of those guys in our room. We need that person to stand up and put the team on his back."

Wish I knew who Walby was talking about but he never says exactly which player.

My Guess


Could be...

But so far we've had three guys wearing the big "A" on their jersey and noone with the big "C". Maybe this weekend's road trip will see somebody stepping up to take a lead roll.


Unfortunately, those three are consistent in a bad sort of way.

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