AHL Game Night 11/4: Admirals at Sound Tigers

Here's a sports announcerism: if you don't score you can't win.


Ryan Munce stopped 28 of 31 shots faced as the Admirals once again squandered a quality start by one of their netminders.

First Period
BRI Kinasewich, (1) (Regier), 18:04

Second Period

Third Period
BRI Morency, (1) , 7:05
BRI Tambellini, (4) (Fata, Rullier), 17:50

It's a damned shame players like Marek Kvapil, Stanislav Lascek, and Radek Smolenak have been so disappointing and/or injured because the Ads could desperately use an offensive boost right now.

Game sheet from TheAHL.com.

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Act Now!

TB/NF can't sit around and wait for this to spiral out of control. Not with a "new" fanbase.

There's a glutton of dmen and not enough scorers and I smell trade possibilities.

Or at the least, send Darche to NF if he's just going to serve popcorn in Tampa - and before his waiver pass ends (if it hasn't already).

They have to do something. Today.

Need Help Fast

Thank you for those comments Chad. It is real distressing when you hear comments like that from Darren Rumble in a between periods interview telling us the team you see is the team you are going to have.

Do you realize all of the ADs goals over the last three games (OK, I know there are not a lot of them) came from the dmen. We have three converted dmen, Egener, Angel and Rosehill playing forward. Mind you we need them for the enforcer work, but right now there are not a lot of scorers to protect. But they add nothing offensively.

The three Central European amigos, Kvapil, Lascek and Smolenak are quietly riding off into the East and to be labeled as disappointing is being generous. Last year they were rookies and you can cut them some slack. But when it came time to step up this year, because of their play they got sent down. Absent a complete turnarounds in their respective games, they will be looking to catch on with another team soon or playing in the beer leagues in their home countries.

Darche was signed this Summer to provide some offense to the AHL affiliate. I understand very well that Karlsson got injured right before the start of the regular season and Darche was recalled from waivers to Norfolk to stay in Tampa. And to Darche's credit he played well in Karlsson's absence. But Darche has been a healthy scratch lately to my knowledge (if he is injured I would be happy to be corrected). But if he is just manning the popcorn popper in
Tampa, then throw is offensively starved Norfolk fans an offensive bone and send him back NOW!

The D and the goaltending especially has been playing well. We have only been lit up a couple of times and the tenders are playing well enough to win. I am not chalking our woes on Ramo's injury. Boutin and Munce are playing well enough to win. But we are getting horribly outshot, in some cases by a 2-1 margin. Having Ramo in net may improve things, but he doesn't score goals, he's paid to stop them.

The fans in Norfolk knew going in that this year's ADs edition would be offensively challenged. But it is frustrating to see some real help just sitting around in Tampa and not getting regular minutes in Norfolk. IMO, this is the only way we will get some help since it is apparent that an AHL only contract signing or a trade from our glut of dmen to obtain offensive help is not in the offing.

Come on Torts and Jay, share the wealth with your suffering cousins in Norfolk.

Lascek, Kvapil & Smolenak

I watched those three 4 times in 5 days at Prospects camp two summers ago. I was shocked at Lascek's scorers' numbers and reputation when he didn't show even an average shot or good hands. He was a kid that worked hard to get into position to score. He just didn't show the size or the strength to get those spots against pros. I'd like to see him again and see if my opinion would change any.

Kvapil has excellent speed and can stick handle. Can he see the ice? He does have a Matt Elich low end and I'm not sure a terribly high ceiling. I saw him at the Lightning camp and I did get the impression that he one day might make it. He apparently though hasn't found a way to shine.

Smolenak has the whole damn toolbox. I don't think he knows where the key is to unlock it. Might be in the Affy, R2 mode. Too talented to give up on, but could be 22 - 24 before he shows signs of life. He played hard one day at the prospects camp and the day I watched him at the Lightning camp, he was a wallflower. Looked totally intimidated.

Norfolk could use Darche. But so could Tampa. Why Torts' is benching him is beyond me, unless they are featuring one of the other guys in a possible trade package. Karllson went to the 3rd line, moving Gratton to the 4th. Now neither of those lines are producing and the 2nd hasn't been any better without Darche. I'm not sure where that's going to go.

Hopefully Tampa sends a forward plus perhaps Craig on conditioning down for next weekend. I fear though when Ramo is ready that he goes to Tampa and Denis' is sent down to play, because I'm not sure Tort's will play him again. He's just not able to focus as a back-up needs to. He's an L every appearance right now. He needs to play his way back into form. Then maybe someone would take half his contract on recall waivers.

It's not likely any major shake-ups will occur until after the sale is closed. Then it may hit the fan pretty quick.

Craig To Norfolk for Two Games

The Bolts announced today Ryan Craig has been reassigned to Norfolk for a two game conditioning stint. He will play in the Wednesday and Friday games against Hershey. He will be recalled to the Bolts in time for Saturday's game with the Caps.


Smaby vs. Morency


The Canadian media has taken notice of the Lightning's organizational slump.

On top of that, they mention 5-10 Pascal Morency earned a decision vs. 6-5 Smaby in a fight Sunday.

Any word on injury

Unfortunately I wasted $6 on that game and yes i must say Smaby was somewhat 'rag-dolled' by 5'10" Pascal. Smaby and Mihalik have been pretty handily, lately, whooped up on by much smaller players... its the size of the fight in the dog, my friends

Any word on Egeners sholder injury?? This whole injury thing with Rogers and Eggs is a little bit much. Somebody needs to check the water- and fast!


Mihalik in the Binghamton series was basically 1-1. On Friday, he put the beatdown on Denis Hamel. On Saturday he move up in class to challenge Jablonski who is a mixed martial arts fighter in his spare time. Jablonski took him to school. Vlady needs to pick and choose his opponents more carefully.

But he is only 20 and I understand Chara was the same way at that stage of his career. And Chara put the beatdown on David Koci, who is one tough customer in his own right recently.

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