Two Up/Two Down is reporting the Norfolk Admirals have recalled D Jay Rosehill and W/D Brett Angel from Mississippi of the ECHL. To make room for the two, the Admirals have reassigned RW Marek Kvapil and LW Zbynek Hrdel to Mississippi.

Hat tip to Randy of

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Move to help Mississippi's home opener...

This move was more for the Sea Wolves than for Norfolk. Granted, as Randy pointed out, the Ads needed a true enforcer in Brett Angel.

The two game series with the Blades, the Wolves had virtually no offense, and their PK was nearly non-existent.

Hrdel will improve the PK and give them a steady offensive/defensive presence as even strength. Kvapil brings tons of offensive skill. Of course, the Ads coaches weren't impressed with Kvapil's ethic, so he has some work to do.

The *LAST* thing you want happening is for the Wolves home opener Friday night to end in another 6-1 debacle. 6-5 is alot easier for the fans to stomach...

That Might Be a Part of It...

But I think it's more a move to A.) get more muscle in Norfolk and B.) send a message to the players after they laid down in the third period on Saturday.

Basically, they're making an example of Kvapil, and I'm not surprised by it.

Makes Sense

Yes Norfolk did need more muscle. But currently we have 10 dmen and 9 forwards. Egener, espcially and Angel could be used as forwards.

I think there is a lot of truth in your opinion that Kavpil was used as an example to the others in Norfolk about laying down. Simply put, you lay down in Norfolk, you get sent to Mississippi. And that's a good lesson to teach to the others. No one here is that special they can't take a trip South to Mississippi.

Any word or rumor on the forward situation in Tampa regarding Darche, Karlsson and MacDonald. Are one of them going to be reassigned soon? We could use the scoring help here in Norfolk.

Angel Needed to Serve ECHL Suspension

Also... I'm now believing the reason for Angel's assignment to Mississippi to begin with was to get an outstanding suspension out of the way.

Angel had two suspended games he needed to serve as hold-overs from an ECHL penalty handed down from last season. Angel was *sent down* last weekend and *served* his two game suspension against the Everblades.

Now, moving forward with the season, Angel can play games in the ECHL if sent down.


What Stirling told me is that they wanted to send Angel down to knock off the rust from not playing for over a month. So it wasn't just a paper transaction to get the suspension out of the way, they legitimately wanted him to get games. However, all the roughness against Bingo ultimately pushed up the timetable for his recall.

Also, Angel is also being converted to forward full time. Stirling believes that is his best position at the AHL level.


Before he was reassigned to MS, it was rumored Angel would be moved to forward, and Pete is confirming that rumor. Angel will bring a definite physical presence to the ADs. Go the forum and look under the thread Enforcers. There are some youtube videos of Angel in action. Angel explained his role on the team to the local paper as "looking out for our guys".

That along with Egener's move to forward will put some size up front. But neither will add any scoring touch to the forward lines. Hopefully they can do the patrolling and some of the others can score.

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