Fadden Named WHL Player of the Week

(WHL Release)

The BOSTON PIZZA WHL Player of the Week is forward Mitch Fadden of the Lethbridge Hurricanes. Fadden recording four goals, three assists and was plus five, in three games during the week of September 24th to September 30th, helping the Hurricanes to a 2-1 record in that span.

On Friday, September 28th, Fadden recorded two goals and an assist as his Hurricanes fell subject to the Kootenay Ice's come from behind victory 5-4. He was also named the game's 1st Star. The following night, Saturday, September 30th, Fadden picked up a goal and an assist as the Hurricanes downed the Saskatoon Blades 3-1. On Sunday, September 30th, the Hurricanes traveled to Edmonton to take on the Oil Kings, Fadden scored one goal and an assist as Lethbridge went on to shutout the Oil Kings 3-0.

Fadden, a 19-year-old product from Salmon Arm, BC is in his fourth season in the WHL, and was recently drafted at the 2007 NHL Entry Draft, in the 4th round, by the Tampa Bay Lightning.

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As much as I liked the Tyrell and Cunti picks, I'm dead serious when I say Fadden might be the best player the Lightning took in that draft.

When does he get to norfolk

Pete, when can we expect the call up to norfolk to prepare him for the NHL? Or, does he go right from the WHL to the NHL? We really need some help with youth for the forwards, the cupboard seems to be really thin.... can't wait for the season to start and how long it takes to bring Ramo up. He to me will be a stud in the NHL.

He Can't Go to the AHL

As I understand the eligibility rules, Fadden is too young to play there. He will not turn 20 until next April. And he cannot play in the AHL under the age of 20 or until he has 4 seasons in the juniors.

Now he could make the jump from juniors to the NHL. But despite his obvious skills only a few make that jump, Sidney Crosby comes to mind.

Next year, he can be signed to any entry level contract and depending upon his performance can play either in the NHL or AHL.

I'd say let him continue to develop in the juniors this year and wait until next year.

You are correct sir

Fadden can't go to the AHL... unless it's at the end of the year and (hopefully) NF is getting ready for - or in - the playoffs and Lethbridge is done. Even then Feaster doesn't do this much - if at all.

Fadden will likely be in NF next year. He's an older WHLer and should dominate this year and take a while to adjust to AHL hockey next year.

I'm Glad to Hear That

I am glad Feaster doesn't like to bring up guys from the juniors late in the season after their junior season is over, usually on amateur tryout agreements (ATO's).

Chicago liked to do that a lot with juniors and those coming out of college. What happened to us is that this messes the team chemistry up terribly. Lines get juggled and players get sat down to accommodate the new players.

If you are in the playoff hunt, this can hurt. However, you don't have to have these types of players on your clear day roster which increases the temptation to bring them in.

Let him have a good year in the juniors and work on signing him after the season and let him start on his conditioning right away for Camp Torturella.


Feaster doesn't do it for juniors, but he's done it for NCAA draftees and NCAA UFAs.... but this was in a different situation. SF was awful and not going anywhere, so giving PJ Atherton or someone a look-see didn't hurt anything.

Considering how he is at the NHL trade deadline and being extremely sensitive to negative affects on chemistry, I can't see him trying to shove Fadden in NF. Maybe Crowley, but not if he's not needed there.

He'll use Mississippi for that.

I just hope NF is in the playoff hunt so we can worry about this.

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