Ramo Assigned to Norfolk

Tampabaylightning.com is reporting a goaltending decision has been made in Tampa and prospect Karri Ramo is the odd man out. Ramo and winger Justin Keller have been assigned to Norfolk.

Karri Ramo and left wing Justin Keller were returned to Norfolk of the American Hockey League today, Executive Vice President and General Manager Jay Feaster announced. After today’s cuts there are 26 players remaining in camp.

Ramo, 6-foot-2, 201-pounds, played in one game this preseason and earned a 4-3 win against the Detroit Red Wings. He posted a 3.00 goals-against average and a .870 save percentage. The sixth-round pick also posted a 1.12 goals-against average and a .964 save percentage in four training camp scrimmages.

Keller joined the Lightning from Norfolk on September 26 and played in his first preseason game against the Red Wings on September 27. In his one preseason game he logged 10:17 of ice time, landed two hits and recorded one shot on goal.

Both players will travel to meet the Admirals in Philadelphia as they prepare for a 1 p.m. game against the Phantoms on Sunday.

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Who's Next?

Keller was no surprise. I had thought the goaltending competition would have gone to tomorrow night's game. But as an ADs fan, I thrilled Ramo is coming here. The question is how long will he stay here?

Of the 26 left, those do include Craig and Boyle who are injured now. If that is so, and the Bolts only want to carry 20 healthy players, who are the 4 who are coming to Norfolk?

My guess(es)

Two possibilities, IMO:

Option 1:

Wanvig, MacDonald (they'll use Karlsson and Tarnasky at 4th line center and move Hlavac and Karlsson up and down 2nd to 4th), Darche, and Lampman and they go with 11 forwards and 7 D with both Smaby and Lundin.

Option 2:

Wanvig, Darche, Lampman, Smaby/Lundin loser with MacDonald taking 4th line center in Tampa in a traditional 12-6-2.

Torts also complimented Smaby last night, saying it was his best game so far while reiterating Lundin had a "consistent" game.

From the press clippings so far, I'd say it's Lundin by a Michael Jackson nose entering the Dallas game.

My vote would be for option 1. Not sure how the vet situation works out in NF - I haven't looked at that at all.

My guess(es)


The Darche-or-MacDonald question maybe comes down to whether or not Torts wants a more steady, experience, defensive minded player who can play some center on his 4th line, or whether or not he wants some offensive firepower on his checking lines. I really don't know what to think in this case. Could go either way. If it's Darche who stays, Norfolk gets dealt a huge blow.

Lundin-or-Smaby comes down to whether Torts wants the least amount of liability right now (Lundin) or whether he's willing to invest the time and patience into a player who will add an extra dimension of physicality to this team a month or two down the road (Smaby). I would choose Smaby, but I know that Torts is going to pick the Black Bear.

Bear in mind, this assumes they stick to the 20 man roster plan, which I think is semi-insane. I think they should carry a 7th defenseman which would allow them the flexibility to platoon Lundin and Smaby as they go through their growing pains in the NHL.

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