Lightning Prospects Drop 7th Place Game in Shootout

The Lightning prospects finished dead last in the Traverse City prospects tournament today, losing the 7th place game to the Dallas Stars' prospects 6-5 in a shootout.

Goaltender Riku Helenius allowed 5 goals on just 20 shots before surrendering 2 on 7 attempts in the shootout session. Helenius dropped to 0-2-1 for the tournament.

Mike Lundin paced the Lightning with a pair of goals including a dramatic talley with 2 seconds left in the game and the goaltender pulled to force overtime. Mitch Fadden and Stanislav Lascek each had 1 goal and 1 assist while tryout invitee Jason Reese chipped in 2 assists. Dusty Collins had the other Lightning goal. Ian Duval, Radek Smolenak, and Vladimir Mihalik added individual helpers.

The boxscore and tournament statistics are available at

Smolenak finishes the tournament as the Lightning's leader in scoring with 7 points in 4 games while Fadden, Lundin, and Mihalik all finish tied for second with 4 points each.

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Nice to See

Good to see Lascek finally make the scoring sheet. But I think too little, too late. I think he will have to work hard in Norfolk's training camp to not be sent to start the season on Mississippi.

A shame the Pointstreak site

A shame the Pointstreak site hasn't updated the score in over an hour.

Lundin/Mihalik/Fadden have strong tourney

Awful. No excuses for this kind of performance. But, is there any silver linings?

Lundin and Mihalik served notice that they are coming to camp ready to compete. Not only did they both finish 2-2-4 in 4gp, but both were pluses on team that gave a ton of goals. Mihalik was 2nd on the team at +3.

Mitch Fadden also showing he's might be a decent two-way forward, also recording 2-2-4 in 4gp, and leading the team with +4 and collecting a shortie along the way.

There are excuses, this team

There are excuses, this team didn't include the lion's share of our best prospects. Still, for the pride of the franchise, you can't finish dead last.

I'll be interested to hear what the Lightning think of what happened. I think Helenius and Rogers were enormous disappointments. Helenius' save percentage was just above .800 and Rogers had the worst +/- on the team. And in Rogers' case, I think there was an expectation he might be able to climb the ladder and challenge Smaby and Jancevski for an NHL job going into this tournament.

Lundin/Mihalik looks like it'll be a good pairing in Norfolk this season. Smolenak should carry some confidence into Ads camp. Fadden is good. We confirmed that.

Future Plans

Rogers just needs to pack up, get in his car and head up I-95. The weather is still nice up here in the Norfolk area and he can get a head start on finding his living accomodations here in the Norfolk area.

I am excited about Mihalik and Lundin being here. At first I was wondering about whether Lundin was ready to make the jump from college to here. While there will be some tough competition here for the dman spots, his chances are much improved. Mihalik could be a terror here.

Hopefully, Smolenak will carry over his success to Norfolk as well. The offensive side of things is still a question mark for me.

But October 19 can't get here fast enough. I am looking forward to seeing our team out on the ice in Scope.

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