Norfolk Training Camp Roster

The Tampa Bay Lightning has graciously provided Bolt Prospects with the following roster for the 2007 Norfolk Admirals Training Camp:

Justin Keller, Stan Lascek, Marek Kvapil, Brandon Elliot, Chris Lawrence, Radek Smolenak, Colby Pridham, Zbynek Hrdel, Dustin Collins, Colton Yellow Horn, Rob Klinkhammer, Torry Gajda, Mike Falk, Mark Rooneem, Mark Hurtubise, Lance Monych, Matt Radoslovich, Dana Tyrell, Chase Trull, and Mathieu Melanson

Andy Rogers, Dane Crowley, Justin Fletcher, David Schneider, Brett Angel, Jay Holladay, Mike Egener, Jay Rosehill, and Jerramie Domish

Jon Boutin, Ryan Munce, and Morgan Cey

Furthermore, the Lightning has indicated forwards Dean Ouellet and Daine Todd are still being considered for the Norfolk camp roster. Both players will be participating in the upcoming Traverse City Prospects Tournament. Others will, of course, be assigned to the Admirals from the Tampa Bay Lightning Training Camp.

The 2007 Admirals training camp marks the inaugural season of their affiliation with the Tampa Bay Lightning.