Jung Not Number-1

According to David Michaud, broadcast analyst for the Kelowna Rockets, Lightning 2007 seventh round pick Torrie Jung will not be the clear-cut No.1 goaltender in Kelowna this year as expected. Jung played well in relief work last year after former Minnesota Wild draft pick Kristofer Westblom was injured. Westblom was not signed by the Wild and may return to the WHL as an overager.

Approximately one month ago, Lightning Head Scout Jake Goertzen told Rocket's play-by-play announcer Regan Bartel that his main wish for Jung next year was to see him get more playing time. That just became a little more difficult.

"Rockets President and G.M. [Bruce Hamilton] has indicated to both incumbent number one Kristofer Westblom and back-up Torrie Jung that both will be with the Rockets for the foreseeable future and that the coaching staff will ride the hot hand," Michaud said in is blog.

"Many speculated this off-season that Torrie Jung's play down the stretch had proved he could handle the workload of a number one goalie, thus making the veteran Westblom expendable," he continued. "While a trade won't be ruled out down the road, both goalies will be expected to push each other. Heading into the season the Rockets have to be very happy with the depth in goal. They certainly posses one of the best one/two punches in the WHL."

Last season for the Rockets, who finished with the second-worst point total in the WHL, Westblom (age 20) was 14-26-1-1 with a 3.05 GAA and .900 save percentage. Jung, a rookie 18 year-old who played the majority of the second half of the season, finished 8-15-4-3 with a 3.46 GAA and .896 save percentage.

In addition to expressing his wish to see more playing time from Jung, Goertzen also provided some player-analysis for Bartel in an interview:

Bartel: We know Torrie Jung well. Let me ask you. What did you know about him prior to drafting him?

Goertzen: "We didn't see him a lot because he didn't play much. But he was a highly touted goalie coming out of Cowichan Valley (BCHL). I know Scott Robinson (Cowichan coach), so we kept an eye on him. When he started playing at the end of the year, we got in to see him a couple of times. Corey Schwab, our goaltendering coach saw him and I saw him play once, and we liked what we saw".

Some say he was a gamble to take in the 7th round. Do you believe that?

"I don't think we took a chance on him. We were pretty happy that he was there in the 7th round. I think his style and the way he moves, he could have been a higher picked goalie, but he just didn't play enough. Because he came on late in the year, some scouts ignored him, but he was always on our radar."

I understand you met with Torrie prior to the draft?

"Oh ya, we went for dinner one night. He seems like a really good kid. I asked him about his future goals, what his values are and how hard he wants to work at his game. You get a gut feeling when you meet with these guys, whether they are someone you'd like do take them into your organization or not".

What would you like to see from Torrie this upcoming season in Kelowna?

"I only want one thing from him. I just want to see him play".