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Koshechkin will play for CSKA if he doesn't sign with Tampa

UPDATE: (May 30) In the Russian newspaper, "Soviet Sport," another version of why Koshechkin's contract with the Lightning is unsigned was published.

It is rumored that Koshechkin wants to test himself at the training camp and sign the contract only after the camp if he will see by the results of the camp "enough possibilities for the career growth." As it was reported he wants to go to the camp without a contract with any team and after the camp he plans to sign a contract with Tampa or CSKA.

Anyway, those reports, no matter what is the truth if there is a truth in both newspaper notes, say that Koshechkin plans to try himself at least at the Lightning camp.

It was reported by Sport-Express May 29 that Vasily Koshechkin has reached an agreement with CSKA Moscow of the RSL. Vyacheslav Bykov, the head coach of the CSKA, announced that the club has reached an argeement with Koshechkin for the "rights of the signing."

As it was reported, Koshechkin is willing to go to North America to try himself at Tampa Bay's camp. It was said that he wants to add a term to his contract with Lightning that says he would have the right to return to Russia in case of the situation when he will not have ice-time either in Tampa or in Norfolk. Right now, Lightning General Manager Jay Feaster is not going to add this kind of term to the contract. Thats why the contract is still not signed.

The agreement with the CSKA means that Koshechkin will sign with Bykov's team if he does not sign a contract with Tampa this summer or he will leave North America by the terms he requests.