AHL Game Night 4/7: Falcons at Wolf Pack

ATO's shine in Hartford.

HFD-3 (SO)

Jonathan Boutin stops 46 of 49 in regulation and OT before stopping 3 of 6 in the shootout for the win. ATO signee Justin Fletcher led the way offensively with a pair of power play goals while fellow ATO signee Jacob Micflikier scored a power play goal of his own and also scored in the shootout. Sylvain Dufresne, Joe Rullier, Kyle Wanvig, Daniel Corso, David Spina and Eric Healey added assists. Spina, Micflikier, Stephen Baby, and Wanvig scored for the Falcons in the shootout. Fletcher and Boutin were named second and third stars of the game respectively.

Boutin sets a new personal best for his young career with his 9th win of the season and, for the moment, gets his save percentage back up to .900. Falcons now riding a rare two game winning streak during this horrendous second half collapse.

First Period
HFD Dubinsky, (20) (Byers, Degon), 2:11
HFD Immonen, (17) (Dawes, Korpikoski), 6:08

Second Period
SPR Fletcher, (2) (Healey, Corso), 14:41 (PP)
SPR Fletcher, (3) (Wanvig, Spina), 19:53 (PP)

Third Period
SPR Micflikier, (3) (Rullier, Dufresne), 6:58 (PP)
HFD Dubinsky, (21) (Byers, Reese), 12:51


SPR- Spina, Micflikier, Baby, Wanvig
HFD- Dubinsky, Jessiman, Bourret

Game sheet from TheAHL.com.

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Sypek's parting shot.

Don't shoot me I'm only the messenger. Scoob in Spfld.


I'm going to violate my own

I'm going to violate my own unwritten policy for this website when it comes to profanity:

Sypek's a piece of shit.

I could elaborate further about why I think the way he wrote his parting shot article was irresponsible journalism, but honestly he won't ever change. And, after four more games he's Kevin Lowe and the Oilers fans' problem. I won't miss him in the slightest. I have nothing but good things to say about the city of Springfield, the Falcons' fans and the Falcons organization.

But Fran Sypek? He and class have never been in the same room together.

Re: parting shot

That was an out of control boulder rolling down a hill until he addressed the other side of the argument at the end.

However, although I may think it's a little classless to laugh at Feaster from a bijillion miles away, there wasn't much in there that you can argue against.

I'm not sure about the "free agents don't want to play in SF" thing. That's the first I've heard of that. A few of his examples, however, Willis and Milley, were acquisitions, not FA signees.

I think the pressure's on him, seeing that Norfolk is so rich in recent playoff history. SF, for as large as a tradition they have, was coming off some lean Phoenix years and there was a little bit of a honeymoon there.

One thing that Sypek mentioned in the article that's linked below the one you mentioned, Scoob, had a line in it that's telling. The Oilers have a history of solid player development.

Tampa does not. Although the ATL and Adirondack years were productive, there needs to be a system in place that's properly fed and cultivated over a period of years. Not just one, or a couple, or a few here and there. TB's 3 years into committing to develop players the right way. And drafting the right way to help it (ahem, Rick Dudley and his Siberian nightmares). It's going to be a few more before TB can say they have a solid, healthy, system in place. Maybe not until the 08 draftees are entering the AHL. There could be an AHL playoff club between now and then, but they aren't near their goal. When you have basically only Smaby as an option on defense from the farm - there are issues. At forward, what if Wanvig wasn't acquired? There are issues, but the steps are in place to correct them, IMO.

You're far more diplomatic

You're far more diplomatic than I am Chad.

I have little patience for a grown man who delights in using his job as a writer to evicerate 20-21 year old young men with the most irresponsible kind of hyperbole. I have even less for a man who deliberately writes an article in such a way as to misleadingly separate the positives and negatives to bash an organization on the way out the door.

I hope the writer in Norfolk, whomever that may be, is a lot better than Sypek because I have not had an ounce of trust for that man spanning all the way back to the joint affiliation days with Phoenix.

It Simply Amazes Me!

I am a Norfolk fan and I am glad Tampa Bay is affiliating with us. I am under no illusions that there will be some lean times to start.

What amazes me is what is coming out of Springfield with some of their posters and Sypek. It is clear that the relationship between the fans and the media in Springfield and the Bolts was and is not good.

But, get over it. You got your wish, the Bolts are gone in about 3 more games. The Oilers are coming to town and for the fans benefit, I hope it works out for them.

But they are at the station lobbing shells at the departing Bolts rather than looking in the opposite direction at the new train arriving with the saviors of hockey in Springfield aboard. From the Springfield point of view, the nightmare is over, it's time to move on.

We are in the playoffs here in Norfolk. And I am going to pulling like crazy for our current team. But when the season is over, I am not going to be trashing the Hawks. I am going to focusing on the next season and watching what kind of team the Bolts are going to put together for us. Living in the past gets one no where.

If I were in Norfolk right

If I were in Norfolk right now, I'd be pretty upset that Fran Sypek seems to believe he has the right to speak on behalf of all Ads fans. That's pretty presumptuous for him to sit there in Massachusetts and claim that all Admirals fans are aprehensive about the Lightning affiliation. It also has SQUAT to do with the situation at hand in Springfield and just shows that the man has a personal agenda he's advancing.

He doesn't speak for me

I read the article and didn't see any quotes from a Norfolk Admirals fan or anyone else from the Tidewater Virginia area which encompasses Norfolk. And he surely doesn't speak for me.

That would be like a writer from our local paper, the Virginian-Pilot without any research stating that everyone in Springfield is sad to see the Bolts go. Some are sad to see the relationship end, but most of what I read is they can't wait to wave goodbye with one hand and toss a brick with the other.

As I said in my other post, why can't they let it go? Their end result is what the vast majority of Springfield fans want. But they seem to relish wallowing in their past despair.

Some comments by Stirling

One very telling. " Teams knew that they could beat us by shutting down Healey, Milley and Corso. For whatever reasons our young kids just didn't get any better".



I wonder if Keller falls into that group, being as he was out most of the year. Kvapil surely does, as I'm guessing Egener does, also.

Not good.

Egener's not a forward

Egener's not a forward though. The kids I assume he's referring to are Jones, Keller, Smolenak and Lascek.

details, details....

I read that wrong... didn't mean to include Egener.

I understand the idea of

I understand the idea of making the kids earn their ice time, but what good does playing a Keller, a Lascek, a Smolenak on the third line with little to no PP time going to do to develop them as a player?

Other teams do not use this line of thinking and have been more successful in developing their players at a quicker rate than the Bolts. The first line and portions of the second were made up of guys who had a snowball's chance in hell of making the NHL team for most of the year. Meanwhile the "younger guys" got minimal time in comparison and to me werent allowed to develop in the games I heard or saw on B2.

Maybe that thinking changes a bit in Norfolk or is the way I think that incorrect?

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