AHL Game Night 3/30: Falcons at Bruins

One thing I won't miss in Norfolk: getting annihilated for what seems like two dozen games a year by Providence.


Jonathan Boutin, whose save percentage is sinking faster than a submarine with a screen door, allowed 4 goals on 22 shots for the loss before being pulled for Kevin Beech who allowed 1 goal on 9 shots. Eric Healey and ATO signee Jacob Micflikier had the Falcons goals. Jay Rosehill and Norm Milley added assists.

First Period
PRO Walter, (23) (Trevelyan, Bentivoglio), 13:21
PRO Walter, (24) (Krejci, Pelletier), 16:37 (PP)
PRO Krejci, (28) (Glenn, Trevelyan), 17:05 (PP)

Second Period
SPR Healey, (27) (Rosehill, Milley), 14:15
PRO Bentivoglio, (2) (Trevelyan, Walter), 18:20 (PP)

Third Period
SPR Micflikier, (1) , 11:21
PRO Trevelyan, (23) (Glenn), 17:44 (PP)

Game sheet from TheAHL.com.

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Spring/Summer Cleaning

Being a Norfolk fan and knowing they are coming here next year. I can only hope that based upon Stirling's comments and what I have read about the most recent games, I hope that those who are phoning in their performances are also on the phone making arrangements for a position in another organization.

At the press conference Feaster said it needed revamping. Stirling in his comments says it needs revamping. So get rid of those who don't want to put forth the effort.

I realize as it stands we are not getting the most skilled players next year. But there is no excuse for not putting forth the effort.

We had some offensively challenged teams here, but they played D and put forth the effort, and guess what, they won.
They weren't the best team in the league, but they made the playoffs.

So get out the brooms and dustpans, it's cleaning time.

Lightning system...

The Lightning system coupled with being "offensively challenged" is a risky proposition. On the farm, they teach the Lightning system which refuses to trap. So... if the offense is challenged, there isn't an option of resorting to a trap-style shutdown defensive mode. The system shines for the big club with the likes of Vinny, Brad, Dan, and Marty. It has struggled in Springfield without great puck movers and finishers. And the system isn't that deep, so I'm a bit concerned about any better results next season.

That being said, the Bolt system definitely struggles (as does most systems) if 100% effort isn't being put forth night after night from everyone on the roster. We've seen this all season with Tampa, and it seems that the Falcons have suffered from this as well. I agree, there's no excuse for guys not willing to work.

That dynamic may be changing

Should the Lightning not make the ECF this year, the self-imposed $40 mil. cap will be in effect at least until around the trade deadline. In that scenario, Fedotenko and Sarich are surely gone getting us close to $40 mil. not taking into account raises. If Denis' contract can't be traded, Prospal's may have to be sacrificed as well. In that scenario there are 2 potential available spots for scorers. that should bring veteran AHL scorers out of the wood work. Expect Jay to try and sign 4 -5 of them on 2 way deals. That would likely leave 3 at any time in Norfolk, which in turn with a few prospects a year more mature gives us a chance to have 2 decent scoring lines at that level. I've seen speculation that Kuba may be gone, but keeping him leaves two decent pairs to suck up ice time while a young 3-some or 2 and a cheap vet man the bottom pair. I actually think we'll attract better AHL scorers with our cap situation.

May You Be Right

I implore to the hockey gods that you are right. This would be a win win situation for those in Tampa Bay and your newest, bestest friends in Norfolk.

Seriously, the 40 million cap would necessitate some new faces on this team. Plus Holmqvist either has to be resigned or let go in the market.

Some tough decisions.


I go to Boston University and got to see MicFlikier plenty this year. I like that signing by the Lightning, he's one of the good, offensive minded free agents coming out of college. He can definitely put the puck in the net if playing with the right people.

re: MicFlikier

Thanks for the info.

The key for him to get a contract with Tampa is his ability to compete. He was likely signed to an ATO with Springfield, coordinated by Tampa, because the Lightning will struggle again with the 50-man roster limit. They want to make sure they sign the right people. The key for any prospect with this team is competing every shift (ironic considering the latest problems in Springfield).

MicFlikier needs to follow

MicFlikier needs to follow David Spina's example of how to climb the ranks in the AHL. If he does that, he'll be fine. I doubt the Lightning would consider him for a contract right now, but he could definitely earn a minor league deal with Norfolk and play his way into an NHL deal a year or two down the line.

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