Sypek: It's Over

Credit to Bolt Prospects member Mark for bringing this up in comments...

Fran Sypek writes on the Springfield Republican blog that the Springfield Falcons have called a Monday press conference to announce the team is dissolving their affiliation with the Tampa Bay Lightning organization to form a new one with the Edmonton Oilers. Sypek speculates the press conference means the Lightning have finalized a deal with the Norfolk Admirals to be the Lightning's affiliate next season, given that a precondition of the out clause of the recent deal signed between the Lightning and Falcons was that the Lightning needed to have a deal in place with another franchise to nullify the contract.

And as a side matter: Sypek's verbage at the end of his article was a cheap shot. Shame on him. I will miss the Springfield affiliate and their fans. I have no ill will toward them and think Springfield is a great hockey city. I regret things didn't work out better with the Lightning as their parent club. But Sypek? He's been dropping these pills on the Lightning and their prospects for a half a decade spanning all the way back to the Coyotes/Lightning joint affiliate, and I won't miss Sypek.