AHL Game Day 2/18: Devils at Falcons

It's a shame.

SPR-2 (OT)

Karri Ramo stopped 19 of 22 shots faced in the loss. David Spina and Daniel Corso had the Falcons' goals. Individual assists belonged to Sylvain Dufresne, Doug O'Brien and Norm Milley. Corso was named the game's second star.

Karri Ramo has not posted a win in his last nine starts. The Falcons have scored a league low 135 goals this season in 58 games (2.33 goals per game).

First Period
SPR Spina, (7) (Dufresne, O'Brien), 11:01 (PP)

Second Period
LOW Minard, (22) (Mottau, Greene), 2:56 (PP)
SPR Corso, (13) (Milley), 14:09

Third Period
LOW Murphy, (10) (Pihlman, Mottau), 6:28

LOW Gionta, (5) (Clarkson), 1:22

Game sheet from TheAHL.com.

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A guy gives up 2 goals in

A guy gives up 2 goals in regulation and this team cant get him a win. Pathetic at best right now.

Though I guess it was against the mini-Devils and the trap :)

Matt Smaby

Apparently was a healthy scratch against Lowell. Andy Rogers was on Saturday against Worcester. Admittedly this is hearsay but I was told that Lightning upper echelons have ordered Stirling not to dress either player for all games when the team has a 3 in 3 weekend.


They are now PROFESSIONALS! I don't think they will melt if they play 3 games in 3 nights!

It's not a shame. It's a

It's not a shame. It's a matter of the Tampa organization scouting staff NOT doing their job with the collection of prospects and veterans on this team. If anyone out there in Lightning world thinks that any of these guys other than Karri Ramo are ready or will be ready for prime time any time soon is dreaming!

It's always difficult when a

It's always difficult when a team loses as much as Springfield has for the past half decade, but I hope you don't throw these kids under the bus too quickly.

I remember Springfield fans telling me Ranger belonged in the ECHL his rookie season and less than a year later he was playing on Tampa's top pairing with Dan Boyle. Point being, a lot of development can happen in a hurry.

You look at the number of guys in this organization who are 22 years old or under, there's still time.

I definitely dont disagree

I definitely dont disagree with you, but some of these younger guys arent going to be developed being shuffled from the top two lines in Johnstown to the bottom two lines in Springfield. Why was lascek playing third line minutes up here. Shouldnt that role be relegated to the "elders" of the team, knowing full well that a guy like Lascek, Keller, etc etc need to grab top line minutes in order to grow.

I know they have to earn their time, but when called up, bring them up to perform the same task. Guys like Milley and Healey and so forth shouldnt be eating the minutes they are when they have no place on the organizational depth chart.

This would allow them the chance to develop as quickly as a Ranger did when he received the playing time he did in Springfield in the second half of 04-05 and early goings of 05-06

First of all the caliber of

First of all the caliber of the game between the ECHL and the AHL is as wide apart as the difference between the NHL and the AHL. At least 6 or 7 players from this present Springfield team should be in the ECHL not the AHL. It's been nearly 5 months and these guys are playing as bad as they did in October. Some of the DRAFT picks that have been here for the last 2 or 3 years have made no improvement. It's awfully funny when guys are burning up the ECHL and get called to Springfield and whether or not they are on the 1st, 2nd or 12th line they just can't keep up and make the same mistakes night after night after night. I do agree that Adam got the raw deal on this last callup and deserved to stay in Springfield. Maybe there was some politics behind that move. As far as Ranger goes, heck he was the worst d-man on the club his first year, but even with a lousy cast of characters playing alongside him he improved enough to make the Lightning the next year. And oh by the way when he was recalled to stay there was no one else playing here that could have made that jump.
As far as the veterans go, Milley, Healey and Corso which also happens to be the number 1 line on this team have done a crediable job under the circumstances of not having much backup. And as I stated before thats because the organization's scouting staff has done a poor job of judging talent coming out of Junior.
And lets not forget that Tampa's past track record with their farm teams haven't exactly turned out to many winners over the past 6 years, and I don't mean just in Springfield. Does the city of Detroit and the Vipers come to mind?

The Detroit Vipers are an

The Detroit Vipers are an unfair comparison. Dudley couldn't draft anything outside of Russia to save his life, and barely any of those picks worked out. The organization is just now getting drafted players in the ranks of a new concept farm system (on the Lightning's standards, anyway). I'd say give give the farm system a little more time before jumping ship.

I'm not jumping ship but the

I'm not jumping ship but the local franchise here in Springfield suffered through 3 lousy season with the Great One and has followed that up with promises from Tampa and their on ice product has not been any better. Don't know how much longer this franchise can continue with crowds in the low 3's!

The problem with the Vipers

The problem with the Vipers analogy is that Detroit was stocked with the withered remains of a developmental system that had been underfunded and ignored for over a half a decade. Those players predated Jake Goertzen as head scout and most of them even predated Rick Dudley as GM. So the Vipers went from an independent club stocked with veterans that had the highest payroll in the IHL to a club that had to play Matt Elich scoring line minutes every night out.

And that, it should be noted, isn't what killed the Vipers. I don't think anyone in the Lightning organization can be blamed for the entire IHL folding.

Now, again, you're proving my point with Paul Ranger about how quickly a player can turn it around. Ranger wasn't great the first 3/4 of his rookie season, there's no denying it. But rather than throwing him under the bus or dropping him down to the ECHL the Falcons stuck with him and the last dozen games of that season he was outstanding. He had a good offseason, a decent training camp, a strong preseason in Springfield and then a great opener with the Falcons and bam. He's a full time NHLer. Things can change just that quickly, and there's plenty of talent in Springfield that can make a similar upturn in their development.

In less than three years in Springfield the Falcons have put Paul Ranger, Evgeny Artyukhin, Ryan Craig and Nick Tarnasky into the NHL. Blair Jones just got his second cup of coffee and looks likely to be in the NHL next season and by your own admission Karri Ramo is pretty close. That's not as awful a track record as you suggest in terms of cultivating NHL talent, especially considering the Lightning haven't had a lottery pick since 2001 and have only had three first round picks in that same span of time (and two of those were 30th overall).

It's perfectly fair to be upset the Falcons didn't turn out better this season. Perfectly fair. But don't take the next leap and call a bunch of guys who are 20, 21 years old bums just because they didn't hop out of the womb as AHL all-stars. Sometimes they take time. Ranger, Artyukhin, Craig and Tarnasky are all perfect examples.

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