Coleman Cleared To Play

Mike Mastovich of the Johnstown Tribune-Democrat reports that goaltender Gerald Coleman has been cleared to play and will join a goaltending triad that includes himself, Morgan Cey and recently acquired Ryan Munce. Coleman has been slowed by a groin injury suffered two months ago and his only game action came in a brief appearance in Augusta on the Chiefs' recent southern road trip in which the former London goaltender was reinjured.

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So that makes the pickup of

So that makes the pickup of Munce even more...stupid?

Unless theyre expecting Coleman to reinjure himself quickly or something

Excellent use of a draft pick!

Welcome to the new CBA

Where you disguise trading a pick for someone to take on an unwanted salary with bringing back a marginal player just so it's not obvious. The goalie was the throw in to the "take this player" deal.

With the goalies ahead of him in the system, there is no earthly reason for TB to spend a 4th (which is hardly a nothing pick) on another goalie. Look for this cap room to be mentioned later when a player is acquired at the deadline.

I completely understand why

I completely understand why the pick was moved, what I dont understand is picking up another goalie as the "disguise". LA has several forwards/defensemen they are unhappy with and Johnstown could use a few more bodies in the mix as well as theyve been playing team defense this season

LA calling the shots

Isn't it possible that was the price LA named for picking up Burke off waivers, i.e. you must take Munce off our hands. Not some other prospects. We want you to take Munce off our hands.

I'll scratch your back, if you scratch mine.

That was my first guess.

With Greco out, JT and TB could use another dman down the chart. Not sure why you go goalie unless you're really concerned about Coleman (seeing as he's back this quick kind of puts that out of the question) or you're at the mercy of LA.

Moving a goalie

The only other scenario is that JT and TBL are confident that they'll be moving a goalie prospect by the deadline, and Munce recovers that soon-to-be lost depth.

Maybe they genuinely like

Maybe they genuinely like Munce.

Then the scouting heads need

Then the scouting heads need to go :)

Well, bear in mind, these

Well, bear in mind, these are the same folks who picked Johan Holmqvist off the trash heap so I think firing them over Ryan Munce is more than a bit heavyhanded. Lets see what Munce does first.

I know, my comment was made

I know, my comment was made more in jest than anything else. My suprise is that there are more goalies out there that would be a better fit if they are looking to add quality depth and these goalies wouldnt require the Bolts to give up a 4th round pick. I follow essentially nothing but goalies and just am having trouble understanding this one.

Munce is on an NHL contract correct so he counts against our roster? Curious as I wonder what this does to Cey's chances of earning a contract.


He signed a multi-year deal in 05 with Tampa. I am leaning toward thinking it was a 2 year, though it could have been a 3.

I believe the standard entry

I believe the standard entry contract for an NCAA player is 2 years, but Cey was an undrafted free agent so it may be different.

So Cey has a Bolts contract?

So Cey has a Bolts contract? I for some reason had thought he was signed to an ECHL contract, thats my error. Is he up for a contract then after this season?


Cey is a Lightning contract player and I believe he's in a contract year.

The following guys are, to the best of my knowledge, up for a new contract after this season:


I believe Elliot has 1 more year after this one. The contract he signed during the lockout was a minor league deal with Springfield as I recall so this would be the second year of a 3 year entry level deal by my count.

The following guys are probably coming in for next season:

Kazionov I
Kazionov II
A. Holmqvist

Which means 4 or 5 of the guys on the first list probably have to go to make room for 4 or 5 on the second list.

I think they might try to sign a couple of other guys to minor league deals the way they handled Atherton:


The good news is the defensive depth in this organization is going to be superb next season. The bad news is Lawrence and the two Kazionovs doesn't do all that much to bolster the offensive depth. They HAVE to focus on the forward position in this draft and they HAVE to stick to the plan and use a 1st rounder to address it this time IMO.

I wouldnt doubt it though

I wouldnt doubt it though for 350k I dont understand why Feaster would let them call the shots. Seems rather poor on his part if that was the case.

I know some would disagree but I'd rather see Richardson waived or Karlsson sent down (though I know others wouldnt like this) if there is a move to be made and we need the cap space. Does Richardson count against the cap if waived due to it being the first year of the contract? Honestly not sure. But that 500k is more than Burke as would be Karlsson and then you dont have to lose a draft pick for a team admittedly trying to build cheap from within because of their own cap problems.

You also dont create a logjam for playing time for a goalie like Cey trying to earn a contract and for Coleman who is trying to learn better positioning to get back to the AHL if/when Ramo is NHL-bound.

I definitely think the Kings had the "power" in this case, but only in that it seems Feaster laid down and gave it to them.

Hopefully the 350k and Affy's salary can afford us a solid player before the deadline if we stay hot and in the hunt.

Still leaves us with little minor league depth at forward/defense.

The TB scouts might have

The TB scouts might have liked Munce, but for a 4th? Reading some of the LA posters, it almost sounds like they would give him away for a pack of gum. Also, LA was hurting so badly for a goalie they would have almost certianly taken Burke off waivers. And if you would have watched the first game that Burked played you would understand. Burke had the game in the bag and LA's next best option basicly gave the game away. Heck, LA would have had a better chance to winning if they would have pulled the goalie after Burke got hurt and put on an extra Dman. When and IF they make a trade they better come within a dollar of the cap max or this deal seems like a miss management off assets. Unless, A) they are bringing in a difference make and need every last penny or B) They are really are trying make a trade and are using a goalie prospect as the key piece.

Either way I just hope something happens to improve the teama and justify a 4th.

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