Blair Jones

Back at the prospects tryout camp I rated him as one of two forwards that really wanted it. Because of that I thought he was the organizations best forward prospect overall from that camp (I think Smolenak & Hrdel are perhaps more physically gifted).

Tonight against the Turd's I think he's proving just how much he wants it. On what's supposed to be a cup of coffee, he's going to make it damn tough to send him back if he keeps making the contribution he made tonight. I'm hoping this is actually a tryout to see if he's got enough to flip Feds/Prospal + Affy/Karllson and maybe a D'man for one of the bigger name D'men being rumored as available.

The 3rd line of Perrin - Jones - Craig was an offensive presence creating 2 goals and lot's of offensive zone possession time. Tort's also put that line out quite frequently for the face off after goals. He gave them a good bit of responsibility tonight and they responded well enough to make it virtually a 3 line game.

I feel the kid has brought energy to both games he's played and I'd like to see us keep that here.

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The Jones/Craig/Perrin line

The Jones/Craig/Perrin line was doing great things last night. That's one of the biggest things this team was missing, a legit 3rd line you can give actual minutes to. Hopefully Jones is here to stay for awhile.

That is the TEAM need 3rd and 4th lines

Look, let's face it Vinny, Marty, Brad and Doyle can't continue to play 25 - 28 minutes a game all year. The cost come the end of the season and the playoffs will be tired legs and no output. We've already seen that a bit IMHO during some of the meltdowns just a step slow from either making the needed 'D' or 'O' play. The question is will Coach let the 3rd and 4th lines play, take a few lumps build cohesion and be ready for when it really counts? Or, will he burn the Fab Four out in the 1st half of the year? To me a real serious concern.

BTW: Jones has been a breath of fresh air for the team. Jones/Blair/Perrin have scored, played 'D' created havoc in the short time they have been together. Hope the coach keeps the line together for more than 3 - 4 games.



I got to my first game this season last night against Atlanta, being in town for the holiday. I watched this kid and for the most part was impressed with him.

He worked hard in the offensive zone, keeping his legs moving along the boards. A little rushed with the puck down low but that's just him being a rookie.

A good forechecker, showed a lot of hustle. He got into the outlet lanes quite a few times creating a couple turnovers.

He missed a few chances by not getting into the open space but for me that's expected and will come with time. He had one nice play where he won the puck along the low boards in the first period, he pushed it behind the net to Craig but failed to get around his man to the net, Craig got the puck there but Jones had already moved back along the boards.

Again, not saying anything really negitive about this guy, only things that any player will learn with more NHL games under their belt. I think he's got a great future.

"He's our third-line center"

"That says enough." Tort's quoted in this morning's St. Pete Times.

I think once he puts on

I think once he puts on another 10 pounds of muscle he's going to be a beast down low. He's a gamer and sticks his nose in right now, but he looks a little bit overmatched to me by the bigger d-men. He supposedly has latched himself onto Craig, which shows me he's smart.

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