Blair Jones

Back at the prospects tryout camp I rated him as one of two forwards that really wanted it. Because of that I thought he was the organizations best forward prospect overall from that camp (I think Smolenak & Hrdel are perhaps more physically gifted).

Tonight against the Turd's I think he's proving just how much he wants it. On what's supposed to be a cup of coffee, he's going to make it damn tough to send him back if he keeps making the contribution he made tonight. I'm hoping this is actually a tryout to see if he's got enough to flip Feds/Prospal + Affy/Karllson and maybe a D'man for one of the bigger name D'men being rumored as available.

The 3rd line of Perrin - Jones - Craig was an offensive presence creating 2 goals and lot's of offensive zone possession time. Tort's also put that line out quite frequently for the face off after goals. He gave them a good bit of responsibility tonight and they responded well enough to make it virtually a 3 line game.

I feel the kid has brought energy to both games he's played and I'd like to see us keep that here.