NCAA Game Night: 10/27

Dusty Collins had an assist in Northern Michigan's 2-0 win over Ohio State. He finished with 2 PIM and a +1 rating to go along with the assist. Northern Michigan is 5-2-1 for the season and moved to 2-0-0 in the conference.

John Wessbecker did not play in Massachusetts' 3-2 win over #8 New Hampshire on Thursday night.

On Saturday:

Northern Michigan hosts Ohio State
UMASS is at #1 Maine
#5 Boston College is at #2 Wisconsin

Lightning College Hockey Classic update for Friday:

Air Force beat Alabama-Huntsville 7-5.
Notre Dame beat Army 3-0.

*Report by Nigel Schnarr

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Went to the College classic Saturday

Announced attendance was a hair over 7,000. Most were in the halloween spirit as about 5,000 of them went dressed as blue seats. I only go to college hockey games about once evry 20 years, but I enjoyed it and I'll probably go again next year. In fact the first game I saw was Notre Dame - Purdue about 1970. Notre Dame had a 6 -2 270lb. D man named Mike Reilly I think. He was an All-American lineman for the Irish and later a high NFL draft pick. The only other game I've attended was a UAH game in the mid 80's. It was the season before they began playing D1 games.

The goaltending has gotten better since those days. The skating also, although 80% of these guys still don't skate well enough to play at the highest levels. Notre Dame was the best skating team of the bunch. Air Force was a pretty solid bunch also. Army and UAH have no shooters. I intentionally didn't look for much information on these teams before hand. When I got home and checked their web sites and stats, the ones I thought were the best players were hanging around the top of their team's stat sheets also.

The umbrella was in the house. Both Notre Dame and UAH played it. Notre Dame played it much the same as the Lightning do and like the Lightning, with a defense staying back and not attacking aggressively the had success passing cross ice and getting a Marty type shot from the side.

UAH didn't score, but they had multiple good shots and scoring chances on every PP. They had incredible possession time in the zone each time also. The coach was really barking at them to keep the puck moving. UAH didn't have a good hands guy to put in front. Ryan Craig would've had about 6. UAH kept 2 guys in front of the net at focused on the point men getting the shot from out front. The side wall guy at the sign of the shot skated in to the high slot looking for long rebounds. He got about 4 great chances. If he could have lifted the puck over 3" off the ice he could've had a hat trick. Very sound system. Didn't have the personnel.

The Lightning went all out and put on a good show. Hopefully the attendance will build from here.

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