NHL Game Night: 10/9

Three games. Four goals. Not good. ATL-1 TB-0 Marc Denis got nothing for his 18 save on 19 shot effort tonight, and what is deeply concerning is not only are "the big three" not scoring but, with the exception of Martin St. Louis, they're not even getting chances. Hopefully the sieve-like Florida Panthers, which 55 minutes in has already allowed 44 shots to Toronto tonight, will be the balm the ailing Lightning offense needs. Game sheet from [url=http://www.nhl.com/scores/htmlreports/20062007/GS020037.HTM]NHL.com[/url]. Doug Janik was even in 13:17 with 1 shot, 1 hit and 1 blocked shot. Eric Perrin was even in 15:36 with 1 shot and 1 hit but was 28% on draws. [url=nick-tarnasky]Nick Tarnasky[/url] got just 4 shifts in 2:47 of play with 1 hit.

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It was pretty sad to watch

It was pretty sad to watch in person for sure. Very, very sad. One thing I took from it is that teams are going to continue to push guys like Richards, Affy, Perrin around after plays and such because we have no physical presence that other teams are afraid of. Several times after whistles Sutton would take shots at our guys with no retribution. Then at the other end, same thing and we'd hug the guy standing in the crease rather than let him know he can't be there. Pathetic to watch. Glad to know we have a guy willing to take the body and mix it up. Oh right, coach played him less than 3 minutes tonight and even still he isnt the player that is going to keep other teams honest. The top lines are clueless to this point, tons of shots tonight but nothing that made me stand up in my seat. They had chances to bury pucks and couldnt. I really hope the Florida back-to-backs get things changed. Sorry had to vent a bit. Suite tickets are a bit expensive to watch that lol

1 - 20 PP

We all thought last year was abnormal on the PP. We had a lowly 16% conversion rate. Based on my limited math skills we are at a steaming 5% today. Maybe the TSN power ranking guys had it right, in fact the rating may have been too high, 24 should have been 29. Not in the suite but the lower bowl is not exactly chump change. The only thing I will say is Denis has kept them in the game but it will be fruitless until the scorer(s) learn to put the puck in the net. Another wasted opportunity - I yearn for the Mishkin scream of He Scores or the older but just as much a thrill, Yes Sir, Yes Sir Seli Scores!!!! (for those who can recall that goal, 96 Game 3 Philly at the Thunderdome, the overtime winner). Will probably have a stroke when they score 3 goals in a game it will be too much excitement. Oops the snooze alarm just went off - I'm back to reality. 4 games 3 goals and counting. Bring on the Panthers we will put up our usual 40 - 50 shots a game on them and the puck will be barn right, barn left and into the pig pen. Oink Oink - stinking at the Forum


Well, at least we can say Denis is doing what we signed him for...keeping us in games. No support, though.


I thought jay wanted guys with grit? so far no one appears to be standing up for their teammates and the after the whistle stuff really bothers me also. It shows no respect for our team and it is obvious that the other team is attempting to dominate us at every turn, thus the after whistle stuff. We need to start hitting people coming over the middle with the puck- which we are not doing- guys are just skating into the zone and no one is trying to stop them but rather moving back on their heels. Come back Rudy please! Gee guys hit someone.

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