NHL Game Night 10/7: Bruins at Lightning

Dimitry Afanasenkov's ridiculous turnover on Boston's winning goal will get all the attention, but the real problem right now is two games into the season Lecavalier, Richards and St. Louis have zero goals. BOS-3 TB-2 Marc Denis stopped 22 of 25 in the loss. Goals scored by Ruslan Fedotenko and Bolt Prospects alumni [url=ryan-craig]Ryan Craig[/url]. Game sheet from [url=http://www.nhl.com/scores/htmlreports/20062007/GS020025.HTM]NHL.com.[/url] Doug Janik played 13:23 as the Lightning once again went with 7 d-men. Eric Perrin took a tremendous leap in ice time going to 18:14 of +1 hockey with 2 shots and 1 blocked shot as well as going 60% on draws. [url=nick-tarnasky]Nick Tarnasky[/url] made his debut tonight playing just 3:49 with 1 hit.

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Affy heading wrong direction

Affy's playing himself back to checking line and Perrin is playing himself up to the Richards line - this loss is on Affy despite no help from the big 3. Vinny was too busy jawing at Chara and forgot his game tonite.

2 awful plays and a fluke

Boyle lost his jock at the blueline to allow Primeau to waltz in, Affy letting the puck go was an utter shock let alone the fact that it was an half-ass effort to chip it off the boards and a puck that may have sailed over the net got furled in the armpit of Ranger's jersey fluttered down and straight into the goal. What a night. Perrin and Denis played very well. Perrin's as hungry as Marty used to be. Eric never played with the Vinnys' but the 3 other lines were all more effective when he was out there. He Brad and Marty were good he and Craig were able to create a goal despite Alexeev working hard to give away the puck on that possession (not once but twice) and he Tarnasky and Taylor spent quality time in the offensive end and goaded Chara into an early penalty. Mark stood on his head in the 2nd. The rest for the most part played hard they just couldn't stickhandle or lead anybody on a pass. Boston didn't struggle to handle the puck on our ice near as much as we did. Karlsson skated pre-game and I didn't see Pratt out there. According to the radio post-game Karlsson strained a groin in warm-ups. Kuba paired with Sarich on their 1st shift, maybe a sign of the staff's worry about Cory to put your best defender with a guy you thought should be a top defender. Janik, I thought was quietly effective tonight. 1 bad play I noticed, otherwise pretty decent. Vinny's line - Remember the beginning of last year when after the first 8 games or so when the staff decided that the long passes to the offensive blue line was really hurting our offense more than helping and that we needed to tighten up our spaqcing between the forwards and d'men instead? That's all that line tried to do tonight was enter with the long pass. As a result very little time was spent with the puck in the offensive zone by that line. In fact, when I got back to the car, Chief especially and Peckham were harping on that in their post-game call-in show. Richard's line - Affy's trying too hard to replace Modin's 30 goals and he's screwing it up. Brad and Marty are cycling the puck down low now with Affy hanging in the slot. Last year it was Freddy and one of the other 2 down low with a sniper in the slot. Perrin helped them turn it up a notch. Chief mentioned (there must have been a post game interview) that Tim Taylor thought Perrin played so well that he would likely swap with Affy on Monday. Alexeev - Those guys in Springy ought to be busting their butts for the opportunity that may soon come their way. After steaming in and blowing by the defenseman to win the race to the puck he gives it up instead of taking the hit. His speed is useless the way he played tonight and Saturday from what I could tell. He's still moving, not floating like previously. He's all over the place, but he's not doing anything. Just one man's opinion.

The 20 million Joke?

Ok, I know it is only two games. What I saw was disturbing. Vinny and Vinny camping out on the rails for 1 minute sleep in's. Jeez, I listened, we all listened to the mighty trio about responsibility, work ethic and performance- Well folks, what I saw is more of the same except instead of 14 mil it is now costing 20mil. IMHO - The Craig, Aleexev and Perrin line should be the number #1 line. They have all the points, energy and work ethic while the 3 lumberjacks left it in Oh Canada with their bucket load of money. Also, there is a cost benefit - The #1 line for the Boltless chumps would cost only 2 mil, plenty of money to go into free agency and find the real players. Am I peeved! You bet I am. I understand a Luongo, Brodeur and other's of their skill set being able to shut down teams. What I will never, ever accept is sleep walking on the job like they did last night. This was not game 65 of the 82 game schedule when the legs are weary this was opening night, at Home! And the 'MILLION BOYS' were taking a nap along the boards, Great! Ok, I feel better - I've vented my anger let's hope some of the bums read it and get a clue before the Forum, I still call it the Palace, becomes the Tomb of Dung!

Not too early.

I don't think it's too early to start calling out "the big three". Those 3 guys take up a massive chunk of our available funds, and if they aren't out there night in and night out giving every single ounce of energy they have to the game, then they aren't earning their money. If I saw them all give 100% and they still went scoreless, at least I could say they put it all out there, they just didn't have luck on their side. When I see them floating around just looking for the long entry pass all night, it makes me wonder what the hell these guys are being paid for. They need to get it going, and it needs to happen sooner than later. If you have 20 million tied up in 3 guys, and they're being out played by guys on the third and forth lines making a fraction of what they make, there's a huge problem.

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