Burke Put on Re-Entry Waivers, Falcons Set Roster

According to today's [i]Springfield Republican[/i], goaltender Sean Burke was put on re-entry waivers Sunday by the Lightning in the hope that another team claims him and takes on half of his salary. In other moves, the Falcons sent Lightning prospects Stanislav Lascek, Gerald Coleman, and Morgan Cey to Johnstown of the ECHL, which means the goaltending situation in Springfield is settled with Karri Ramo and Jonathan Boutin. The [i]Republican[/i] states that coach Steve Stirling has not decided on a starter for Saturday night's opener, however. There is also a chance Burke could be sent back down to Springfield before week's end. The demotion of Lascek and the two goaltenders means that the Falcons are down to a 23-man roster and according to the article, will spend the week working on line combinations and special teams. The roster moves leave Justin Keller as the "winner" of the battle among the three first year wingers (Lascek and previously demoted Radek Smolenak the others) to make the AHL club. Joining Keller as first-year pros with Springfield are defensemen Matt Smaby, Andy Rogers, and Geoff Waugh (Springfield contract), first year center Blair Jones, and AHL rookie Ramo. Waugh won his spot with an excellent showing in both Traverse City and in Brandon at Lightning camp. Waugh, a 6-4, 215 pound stay-at-home defenseman, graduated from Northern Michigan University last year. According to the [i]Republican[/i], holdovers from last year's team include defensemen Doug O'Brien, Mike Egener, Jay Rosehill, forwards Dan Cavanaugh (Springfield contract), Zdenek Blatny (Springfield contract), Zbynek Hrdel, Norm Milley, Marek Kvapil, David Spina (Springfield contract), Mitch Fritz, Adam Henrich, Darren Reid, Andre Deveaux, and Boutin. Of note among that group is the much maligned Adam Henrich, who has struggled to hold a spot in Springfield during his first two years of professional hockey. Henrich, the first player drafted in the Jay Feaster era, is in the final year of his entry-level contract. Newcomers include veterans Sylvain Dufresne (Springfield contract), and Andy Delmore on defense and Eric Healey at forward.

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Boutin beats out Coleman. Didn't see that one coming, but I'm glad for it.

Unless the thinking is that

Unless the thinking is that Coleman will play more in Johnstown and Ramo will eat most of the minutes in Springfield. Expecially if/when Burkey goes back down, Boutin may see no time for a spell. I still really hope Burke sees no time and the kids get to develop though

I agree...

... but you get the feeling from the SF writer and the few fans I've seen on the net that they really want Burke down there. I wouldn't mind him on the roster, but to serve more of an instructor than player.

Absolutely. It would give

Absolutely. It would give Schwab an opportunity as the roving instructor to spend some more time in Johnstown with Coleman and Cey, allowing Burke to show Ramo and Boutin how to prepare from night to night. Burke will probably get his share of starts in the beginning which makes me think that may be why Boutin is there, to learn from him while not getting any playing time, but we'll hafta see what Stirling comes up with as a rotation (or lack of) when the season starts in Springfield.

I Think The Depth Chart Has Been Reordered

I think this is exactly what it looks like. Boutin has passed Coleman on the depth chart. It seems to me Jonathan has always had the better upside and there's nothing statistically to suggest that Coleman is that much further ahead of Boutin in his development that he should be ahead on the depth chart. We've gone out on a ledge here on BP pointing out Boutin is the more athletic and more technically polished of the two and probably deserves to be more highly regarded. Conventional wisdom in the organization may finally have caught up to that line of thinking.

Very, very possible. Only

Very, very possible. Only problem I've seen or heard in regards to Boutin is his head. People around PEI said he wasnt a mentally strong goaltender, but that was a few years back now obviously. I guess it was shellings like the one he took in preseason in Springfield that would get to him for longer periods of time. I'm thinking being in Johnstown and in Springfield late last year may have changed that. Burke could be and hopefully is a huge help in the mental preparedness area for both Springfield goalies. It'll definitely be interesting to see who steps up after this apparent restructuring of the goalie hierarchy, I'm hoping they all have great seasons in their respective leagues!


(They said that in Halifax about him, too) FWIW... that's the No.1 problem with young goalies. The whole mental approach/consistency thing. Fantastic raw tools, but they don't always know how to use them and to do it with any consistency.


Which leads right into Burke being in the same place as Boots. Burke can help him with the mental approach/consistency.

Coleman needs to play

To determine his upside. Boutin is a sound goalie although I don't see a playoff calibre NHL starter, he does have NHL upside. Coleman as I've said before, lacks hockey experience and needs to see lots of rubber to determine what kind of promise he has. Kosheckin has Cey's spot next year if they can sign him. Boutin is better than Beech. So, it's Beech versus Coleman with Pearce needing a miracle season for the last goalie contract next year. You'd hate to let Beech go if Coleman isn't going to make it. You'd hate to let Coleman go if he can really develop. Coleman has to have a chance to play, Boutin is secure even if he sits. I take a little exception to Pete's downgrading of Coleman's athleticism. The day I saw him in camp, I was fairly close and looking down from above. I saw a couple of shots that from all appearances were in the net when he made a move to stop them. Only elite level goalies are that quick. Of course, elite goalies are reacting late to screened shots. Coleman wasn't, he just doesn't anticipate well (lack of experience). I don't think he'll ever develop an above average glove hand no matter what kind of experience he has. That comes as a kid. So the right move is to give him plenty of reps in Johnstown and Boutin should survive intact playing less. I hope to see the Chiefs in Wheeling on 12/30. They're on the road when I anticipate being in Cambria County though.


I imagine they'll be some kind of rotation so they all get acceptable playing time. If Ramo takes off in SF and Boutin's spending a lot of time filling his water bottle, then Boutin takes some of Coleman's starts in JT and they keep flip flopping. Coleman is a Reese style goaltender. Like a Sean Burke. Big, use your positioning... Boutin is your athletic goaltender who relies on all of the above but has better agility and reflexes.

I Stand By It

Maybe because he's so deep in his net all the time or maybe it's because his mechanics are so awkward (Grahame-esque at times) it makes him look slower, but there are simply some saves side to side he can't make that Boutin can. In fairness though, last season, Grahame and Burke didn't have that level of athleticism either. Coleman could be a tandem starter somewhere some day. I don't think it'll be with this franchise though. Ramo, Helenius and Koshechkin are a brick wall for everyone else in the organization to get through. I don't see Koshechkin playing in the ECHL btw, and to go a step further, I wouldn't be surprised at all to see him immediately challenge for an NHL job when he comes over. You don't put a guy who had 10 shutouts in the Superleague in Johnstown. He's too good for that level.

I agree

I don't think Coleman will appear again with the Lightning. There is, I think, a fear of letting him go for nothing and he turns into something. I also think there is a league interest in his case because of the diversity program. If he can be good enough to have trade value then it would work for both the club and the league. He's likely blocked by substantially more talent, as Boutin likely is also. Ramo, Helenius, and/or Kosheckin appear to be our next generation.

Not So Much The Diversity Program

I think the real interest in Coleman stems from his role on that London team during the lockout that may have been the best junior team in the history of Canadian Junior Hockey. During the lockout, sales of London Knights jerseys I believe were competing with and eclipsing those of NHL teams in the province of Ontario. Anglophone Eastern Canada completely caught Knights fever and Coleman was a part of that. That buzz, along with his inflated numbers from that year, I think inflated his value in a lot of people's eyes beyond what his actual physical talents are. I could see Toronto taking a flyer on Coleman in a heartbeat because of that.

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