Preseason Game Night 9/28: Red Wings at Lightning

I've come to the conclusion it's going to be very difficult for the Lightning to cut Doug Janik. DET-4 TB-1 Marc Denis allowed 3 goals on 28 shots for the loss. Prospect Jiri Hudler scored a hat trick for Detroit in the game. Tim Taylor scored the lone Lightning goals on assists by [url=nick-tarnasky]Nick Tarnasky[/url] and [url=norm-milley]Norm Milley[/url]. Game sheet on [url=][/url]. Doug Janik played 21:39 and was +1 with 4 shots and 1 hit. Janik has played about 20 minutes a night throughout the preseason and played well at both ends of the ice. At this point Janik appears to be a more than credible challenge for the team's 7th defenseman spot and with the power play, with the exception of tonight's game, clicking without Andy Delmore it may be Janik stepping into the void left by [url=paul-ranger]Paul Ranger's[/url] injury to start the year. Eric Perrin was -2 in 17:08 with 3 shots and 1 blocked shot and was 50% on draws. Milley played just 6:59 on the fourth line and was +1 with 1 shot. Defenseman [url=matt-smaby]Matt Smaby[/url] was -1 in 10:58 with 1 hit. [url=nick-tarnasky]Nick Tarnasky[/url] was +1 in 6:43.

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So they counted that goal at the end?

Didn't put it up on the board as I was walking out.. Guess they reviewed it because there was no faceoff following it. I'll just repaste my take on the game here: Pretty sloppy and slow-paced game for the most part.. Boyle's absence was extremely noticeable. Kuba had some nice breakout passes but not enough to keep the offense humming. Smaby was pretty much at fault for the 2nd goal with a terrible clearing attempt. Sarich was caught flat footed on the 3rd. Richardson looked better than I expected, and Janik was fine though I wish he had a little more force to his shot. Denis gave up a lot of rebounds, most of the them kicked aside well, but some pucks he should have just caught and swallowed up instead of bouncing them out. Still he had some nice saves. Bolts didn't really challenge McDonald at all, especially on the power play where they kept the puck on one side of the rink most of the time. Perrin and St. Louis flip flopped lines at the end to some interesting results, and Torts also put Vinny and Brad together in a rally effort to no avail. Tarnasky had a few great shifts forechecking well and holding onto the puck, as did Milley, and the effort paid off in a goal. The 3rd line didn't catch my eye very often unfortunately. I thought Lecavalier had a solid game and seemed to be everywhere, including a great backcheck to stop a 2 on 1. Marty had several chances but either missed the net or hit McDonald. Richards kind of had an off night at least with some of his passes. I feel pretty confident the true roster will be good, though. They were just missing Boyle, Ranger, and Fedotenko quite a bit I thought.

Black Wings???

McDonald's crest must be black from all the pucks that hit it. I was near the goal in the 1st & 3rd. We could have had 4 in the 1st but we just kept thumping him in the chest. In the 3rd Karllson muffed one 3 feet away and Craig lifted one over the net when all he had to do was redirect square. Cory Sarich has lost more speed since 03-04' than even Sydor. He's seriously starting to worry me. I'd definitely let him walk next year before I'd pay him anything more than he's making now. In the 2 e-games and 1 scrimmage I've seen him in he's been a shell of his former self.

If Janik doesnt end up

If Janik doesnt end up playign over Richardson ,then I have no clue whats going on. He's everywhere in the defensive zone and tonight Richardson liked to play the "stand in the crease with the goalie" game. Janik needs to be #6 and has played enough minutes and shown enough to be that guy. By the way, please someone teach Denis how to move from side to side :) Everything else is ok with him but that from what I saw tonight!

1st Power Play

Janik had Boyle's spot on the 1st unit and was superb. He dropped down low and created. He got one into Karllson 5 feet from the net. Karllson never looked at the net. He had room to shoot and he had a clear line to Craig hanging outside the other post. He never took his eyes off Vinny and Brad out top and finally flipped it harmlessly back to the post. But Janik had a shot, a pass for a close in shot, and the described play to Karllson all in short order. The 1st 2 got Denis going right to left although the 2nd was waived off by the ref but overruled by the linesman. Never seen that before. The 3rd Hudler was all alone from the blue line in after smoking Sarich.

Janik was all over the

Janik was all over the place and it was fun to watch a defenseman play that way and still be defensively responsible. He has a hard low shot which was a huge plus for the PowerPlay and could put him on a second PP behind Boyle who would be on the first. I'd like to see that as he isnt afraid to shoot as we've seen in the past. The Denis thing has been bothering me thinking about it. Not once, but twice in this game he was caught slow and more than once beyond that when he moved from one side to the other did he open a large gap in his legs which shouldnt happen. Happened in one of his previous starts as well, so hopefully Reese sees it and is trying to work on it. It's not good to be slow on those in this league Was funny seeing the linesman overrule a call but he was correct. Maybe he forgot who he was for a second lol

Last year's guys would have gave up 7

His weakness is remiscient of Grahame's big weakness. Usually the 1st or 2nd shot of the game was a crossing play that ended up in the net. The wings did not hit Denis in the breadbasket. He was all over the place. Last year it would have been at least 2 - 0 before Denis let the first one in. We should win 75% of the games he gives up 3 or less. Last night was one that we weren't offensively effective. Denis did enough for us to win.


Needs about a half a season at Springfield, then I think he'll be comfortable. The game was just a bit fast for him right now. He did some nice things and looked like he belonged and he got burned like a rookie.

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