2006 Lightning Training Camp Roster

Training camp for the 2006-2007 Lightning will start this Thursday. For a schedule, see TampaBayLightning.com. Of note: The roster, courtesy of the Lightning and Erik Erlendsson of the [i]Tampa Tribune[/i], features free agent invitees Clayton Barthel and Geoff Waugh, Springfield contracts Zdenek Blatny, PJ Atherton, Dan Cavanaugh, John Adams, and Sylvain Dufresne, Johnstown contract Doug Andress, and unsigned Tampa Bay prospects Chris Lawrence, Marek Bartanus, Dane Crowley, and Vladimir Mihalik. Late additions could be included today after the conclusion of the Traverse City prospects tournament. 2006 Camp Roster: [b]Forwards:[/b] 29 AFANASENKOV, Dmitry 15 ALEXEEV, Nikita 61 BARTANUS, Marek 41 BLATNY, Zdenek __ CAVANAUGH, Dan 34 CRAIG, Ryan 18 DIMAIO, Rob 63 ELLIOTT, Brandon 17 FEDOTENKO, Ruslan 36 FRITZ, Mitch 42 HEALEY, Eric 59 HENRICH, Adam 72 HRDEL, Zbynek 49 JONES, Blair 24 KARLSSON, Andreas 64 KELLER, Justin 65 KVAPIL, Marek 43 LASCEK, Stanislav 73 LAWRENCE, Chris 4 LECAVALIER, Vincent 14 MILLEY, Norm 9 PERRIN, Eric 20 PROSPAL, Vaclav 46 REID, Darren 19 RICHARDS, Brad 52 SMOLENAK, Radek 26 ST. LOUIS, Martin 74 TARNASKY, Nick 27 TAYLOR, Tim [b]Defensemen:[/b] __ ADAMS, John 51 ANDRESS, Doug 45 ATHERTON, P.J. 47 BARTHEL, Clayton 22 BOYLE, Dan 5 DELMORE, Andy __ CROWLEY, Dane 38 DUFRESNE, Sylvain 48 EGENER, Mike 57 GRECO, Brady 3 JANIK, Doug 71 KUBA, Filip 56 MIHALIK, Vladimir 39 O’BRIEN, Doug 44 PRATT, Nolan 54 RANGER, Paul 7 RICHARDSON, Luke 55 ROGERS, Andy 53 ROSEHILL, Jay 21 SARICH, Cory 37 SMABY, Matt 67 WAUGH, Geoff [b]Goaltenders:[/b] 60 BOUTIN, Jonathan 1 BURKE, Sean 50 COLEMAN, Gerald 30 DENIS, Marc 40 HOLMQVIST, Johan 31 RAMO, Karri

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I Would Think...

I would think Desharnais, at the very least, would be a guy they'll look to retain if not for Lightning camp then for Falcons camp. Czuy and guys like Woolger and Wheat would also need to be considered, IMO.

Harlan Pratt?

This is probably a "who cares" kinda thing, but I don't see the little bro on there. Does he have a contract with one of our minor league teams still? How about Cey? It seems that the details of his contract were never released, so I'm not even sure if he's under contract. I'd also bet Desharnais is being looked at very closely. He's done very well for himself for us thus far.

Harlan Burned His Bridges

Harlan refused reassignment to Johnstown last year at about mid season and was quickly dealt away to Bridgeport. He signed in Western Europe somewhere, I'd have to look it up. I don't know why Cey isn't invited except, perhaps, it's just a numbers problem. Beech wasn't invited either and they usually invite anyone entering a contract year as a prospect. They have six goaltenders between Denis, Holmqvist, Burke, Ramo, Boutin and Coleman. Desharnais would be a star in Johnstown IMO, the same way Tarabrin was for them last year and he's got the upside to become a Perrin type player. I just hope some other team isn't swooping in to sign him.


I missed that about Harlan totally, thanks. I really, REALLY liked Cey last year in camp. He's very raw (maybe too raw is the problem) but he's quick and his positioning was decent. I'm guessing you're right and it was just a matter of too many goalies.

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