Artyukhin Held Scoreless in Yaroslavl Debut

[url=evgeny-artyukhin]Evgeny Artyukhin[/url] was held off the board today as Yaroslavl was beaten 3-1 by Omsk in their opening match of the season. Artyukhin, who played 72 games with the Lightning last year, signed with the Lokomotive after the Lightning failed to meet he and his agent's demands for a lucrative contract. [b]Update:[/b] Par for the course, Artyukhin did rack up 4 penalty minutes in the contest.

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Do they list anything about minutes played, or do the boxscores get that specific? I'm anxious to know just how many minutes R2 "needed" in the RSL to better develop as a hockey player.


No official stats are kept about TOI in Russia, just the top line stats: goals, assists, points, PIMs and +/-. looking at a car accident

It'd be funny if it wasn't such a horror! He has No discipline. ...and he ain't gonna gain any of that over there. Loved his grit, hated his bonehead plays on ice. I knew the latter could be coached out of him. meh, he'd had a home here, with the Lightning. Bridges burned. This organization rarely forgives. See ya, kid!


Rarely forgives? See Perrin for that. How do you blame a guy for going somewhere where he will earn more money? That is the leverage Arthukin had, and he used it. Should Feaster have ponied up more money to keep him. No, I don't think so. However, if he comes back next year, and shows he can score 15 goals or so, he will be welcomed with open arms. Talent wins, not grudges.


Because there are so few penalties in Russia, I can pretty much guarantee that he is going to sit if he doesn't learn to play more disciplined hockey over there. Unfortunately for Evgeny, he's simply not suited to play in his home country. He's built for North American hockey, and if Gandler wasn't so busy counting his kickback money from Yaroslavl he'd know that.

don't shake your head. I don't need to hear your brain rattle.

First off...I chose to use the word "RARELY". SEE WEBSTERS Second, I along with most others saw the Perrin situation as completely different from R2's current stupidity. "I don't feel there is a true opportunity to play there in the NHL with the Lightning," Perrin said. "It's nothing against Tampa Bay. They're classy people, they let me live the dream of playing on a Stanley Cup team. But they're loaded, and waiting for an injury to get called up is a high risk." CAP / call-up waiver rule casualty. Not a money grubbing whore or a player being influenced by a money grubbing agent. ''As we have stated many times, losing Eric Perrin to Europe last season as a result of the re-entry waiver rules in the new CBA was a major blow to our organizational depth,'' Lightning general manager Jay Feaster said. ''Eric performed very well for us during his late-season recall and into the Stanley Cup playoffs in 2004. We are very pleased that he has chosen to re-sign with us now and we look forward to seeing him competing for a spot on our roster in camp.'' Looks really different from the "Spit in our face" comment by Feaster regarding Artyukhin. I don't think Arty coming back is completely outside the realm of possibility. BUT 15 that what you see as playing to his potential?? Thats just the tip of what I saw the kid doing in the coming seasons. I thought with 3rd or 4th line minutes we might optimistically see 30-35 pts. A bit of discipline, a bit of improved puck handling ...Torts will give the minutes if you continue to absorb and assimilate the daily lessons from game, practices, and film sessions. As to leverage to make more money...leverage requires 3 things. 1. A lever, in this case it is the players/agents desire to make more money. 2. A fulcrum or prying point, here it was the threat of playing in Russia for more money. 3. Sufficient force applied through the lever, across the fulcrum, to move the targeted object in the desired direction. That force is Artyukhin's play and ongoing development. If he wants to play there and take a giant step backwards, FINE! But his play thus far at the NHL level, combined with a threat of playing over there is not going to be enough to move Feaster into the $1Mil range...THUS NO LEVERAGE!

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