Helbling Gone?

Eurohockey.net [url=http://www.eurohockey.net/transfers/last_24_hours.html]is reporting the rumor that Timo Helbling has been dealt to the Washington Capitals.[/url] In multiple local print stories Helbling had been mentioned as a possibility to make the Lightning this season along with defenseman [url=doug-obrien]Doug O'Brien.[/url] This story is developing. [b]Update:[/b] The source of the Helbling to Washington rumor is [url=http://www.eishockey.ch/news/detail.asp?ID=248853]an article on the website eishockey.ch.[/url] According to the site, Helbling has signed a two-way contract with the Capitals as an unrestricted free agent. This story is still developing. [b]Update Two:[/b] The story of Helbling leaving as a UFA doesn't jibe with several websites which list Helbling as an RFA [url=http://sports.espn.go.com/nhl/news/story?page=2006freelist]including ESPN.com.[/url] It should also be noted that within the past 48 hours [url=http://www.nhlpa.com/WebStats/PlayerBiography.asp?ID=7031]NHLPA.com began listing Helbling as signed this season for the league minimum of $450,000.[/url] [b]Update Three:[/b] [url=http://www.hockeyfans.ch/news_portal/news.php?id=15811&month=8&year=06&modus=]Hockeyfans.ch reports that Helbling has reached verbal agreement with the Caps[/url] on a two-way deal and that Helbling had been preparing to play this season with Kloten in the Swiss league.

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Wouldn't miss him

Jay may have let him go, may have traded him for a bag of Cheetos, or if he was extremely fortunate, we may get a 6th or 7th from them in a future considerations if he plays X number of NHL games type deal. Boyle, Sarich, Kuba, Ranger, Pratt, Richardson, Delmore figure to be with the Bolts. Janik and O'Brien could steal a spot with a big camp. But will at worst be in Springy. I would want to see Smaby & Egener play significant time in Springy also. That would leave Timo as a 3rd pair guy. I would also rather see Rogers at the NHL level before Timo. Timo has no significant NHL experience and these other guys bring more upside. Not a loss IMO.


Agreed. With the depth we've amassed on the blueline, losing Bling-Bling wouldn't be a huge loss IMO.

It's a Loss for Springfield

They'll now only have Janik and O'Brien in terms of experienced good AHL d-men presuming that the Lightning carry Delmore and his one-way in Tampa. I hope Ramo's ready to face some shots... or that Bruce Landon and Jay are working on finding another d-man for Springfield. They're too thin back there right now. PJ Atherton or Jay Rosehill may be in their opening night lineup now, and that's a little scary IMO.


I forgot about the impact it would have on Springfield.


Forecaster still has him as a RFA with the Lightning. Usually they're right on top of things. Oh, the drama.

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