Site Update

For thise few brave souls who have stumbled onto this site and are wondering what the status of our blog is... As of right now we are tentatively aiming for a full site launch in the Fall. It was our original intention to launch in December/January with the full content package to coincide with what we hoped would be the end of the NHL labor dispute. Unfortunately, thanks to Messers Bettman and Goodenow that didn't happen. Now we are guessing (hoping) both sides can conclude their squabbles by August or so and that we can get back to goals and assists as opposed to salary caps. In the meantime we are going to move with some deliberation towards updating and revamping the site software (with much love to resident cyber guru and fellow Tech grad and Boltprospects founder Tim) before we start to fill in the content for the site which will include new organizational rankings, draft coverage, game threads etc etc. Until then, I will be adding some of my own content from time to time (as I have been) to remark on some of the important happenings in Europe as well as sharing some of my own rankings and recaps of the season that was(n't) in the Lightning organization. So stay tuned... you never know. Bettman and Goodenow may join hands and sing songs about a new CBA and the June draft could be back on at any time, and we'll be here to cover it for you. Thanks for your patience.