Sydor Traded [url=]reports defenseman Darryl Sydor has been traded to the Dallas Stars in exchange for a 4th round pick.[/url] The move frees over $2.1 million dollars of payroll under the salary cap. It also could be the beginning of the Lightning stockpiling draft picks which could help them at the trade deadline this year as well as at the draft table next June. In addition, the chances of Tampa hopefuls like Andy Delmore, [url=andy-rogers]Andy Rogers[/url] or [url=matt-smaby]Matt Smaby[/url] making the team out of camp have greatly appreciated.

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What to go for ??

Hey Pete, with Sydor being moved and his salary now available, who do you target?? I would like to see a physical d-man like Brenden Witt. Any thoughts??

Perhaps Nobody

A lot depends on Feaster unloading Burke. He can't afford $2.5M worth of Witt with $1.6M of Burke on the payroll.

First things first

zepdog Feaster first needs some cash / cap space to negotiate and sign remaining RFA Afanaesenkov, Fedotenko, Sarich, Artykhin and Craig, not to mention Denis, which I hope wont be over $3M. My guess is that he starts with Denis and works down the money list to Arty and Craig. Whatever small cap space that may be left could be used for more of a tweak, but unfortunately I am not expecting anything major at this point. I say the dye is cast and everything else will be just filling in here and there. We still need goal scorers to replace the lost production from Modin. Not sure how that will sort out.

Modin's Production

At least half of Mo's production has to be picked up by Lecavalier, Richards and St. Louis. Their contracts are a large reason of my Fredrik had to be moved, it is up to them to pick up the slack. It's time for Vinny to get his first 40 goal season, time for Brad's first 30 goal season and time for Marty to get back to 35 goals. An added 15-20 goals out of those three guys means we'll only need modest improvement from Afanasenkov or Craig to replace Modin's production.

Roger that

zepdog all I would add is that somebody also should send a wake up call our 3rd and 4th lines to chip in some goals - not resigning Cibak is a step in that direction, and maybe the new Swede can add some scoring punch as a 4th line center. Going younger and faster should equate to more goal scoring for us, but can our rebuilt D stop the the younger and faster guns on the opposition remains an open question.

Offensive Production

For this team to succeed they need to add 70 - 80 goals over last years totals. That would mean far more than an extra 10 - 15 over Vinny, Marty's and richie's totals for last year. Modin had 30 total goals this loss must be picked up by Arty, Craig and Kuba. Ranger will need to match the point total lost with Kubina's move to Toronto. Fed's will need to pick up an extra 15 - 20 goals. If those numbers are not achieved then they will end up another 8 seed losing in the 1st round. This is very early to talk about the numbers game but the reality is with the NEW NHL teams on average increased their production by about 60 points versus the Bolts 2 points. No secret if they had scored like the other teams they would have been a much higher seed. They did not..... so what is the majic bullet that puts the puck in the back of the net..... Vinny's fancy pass, Marty falling down in the corner, Fedetenko going for the big skate will not increase the scoring. There are some very serious questions on this team, goal tending, defensive zone coverage, anemic PP and PK. Lots and lots of questions. I'm bored waiting for camp to start so we can see some of the answers for next year. Yes, we should be better.... but will we? Ah, that is the question.


Why? Denis alone is likely to trim 20-30 goals off our goals against column. There is no pressing need for the Lightning to score another goal a game. That would mean averaging over 4 goals a game.

Yes +4 a game

Yes, with the new rules 4 a game is do-able by the better teams. Or, at least 3.80 a game. That is what I believe will be needed to reach the Gold Ring again. We have been to the mountain and to look only at mediocrity is no longer acceptable. If this is 'Hockey Bay' then our expectations need to be at that level. Mike


The Stanley Cup champions only scored a little over 3.5 goals a game. Again, do we really need to set 4 goals per as a realistic mark to attempt at? We scored just 4 less goals than Edmonton and they made it all the way to a game 7 in the finals.

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