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Old 05-20-2014, 03:56 PM
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Originally Posted by pete View Post
That's not really what you said though. You seemed to indicate the overall team expectations need to be lowered because of sophomore slumps. Not so, IMO, because the offense will be even better with a wizard like Drouin out there. My main concern is that Bishop won't have another franchise-best season in net, so Yzerman better get an improved defense in front of Ben.

The offense, though? Pssh. Add Drouin PLUS a healthy Stamkos in beast mode all season? Watch out... PLUS, what if Panik or Connolly or Namesy or Kucherov come in and start to play to THEIR potential(s)? Point is, the offense should be fine, and Killorn and Johnson contribute to this team in other ways beside points, anyway. They aren't 1 dimensional wonders.
Yeah brah- Offense? No worries. Goaltending should be strongish to top notch- the real work needs to get done on the blue line....If Y can change the general (poke check) make up of that group to something heavier/harder....look out, a strong run should be in the cards THIS season....
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