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Old 05-13-2018, 10:20 PM
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Default NHL Playoff Game Night: 5-13-18 Capitals at Lightning

Lightning humiliated and on the ropes.

Eastern Conference Final


Washington Leads the Series 2-0

Andrei Vasilevskiy allowed 6 goals on 37 shots for the loss. The soul-crushing soft goal with 3 seconds to go in the Second Period led to the team's unraveling. So, Vasilevskiy's got a lot of soul searching to do between now and Tuesday, along with the rest of the team top to bottom.

First Period
0:28 WSH Wilson (3), (Niskanen, Kuznetsov)
7:08 TB Point (5), (Stamkos, Hedman)(PP)
10:22 TB Stamkos (5), (Kucherov, Point)(PP)

Second Period
2:50 WSH Smith-Pelly (3), (Chiasson, Carlson)
18:58 WSH Eller (5), (Vrana)
19:57 WSH Kuznetsov (8), (Ovechkin, Eller)(PP)

Third Period
3:34 WSH Ovechkin (10), (Kuznetsov, Wilson)
12:57 WSH Connolly (3), (Eller, Carlson)

It's as if this team left their collective brains and poise in the Boston series. All of the focus and commitment to detail and to playing a physical game has been replaced by a complete haze. The energy was there tonight, but it was misplaced somehow. The coaching staff made a great tweak putting the Paquette line on the Ovechkin line that the advanced stats say was a winning decision, only to see the other three lines get outplayed by what should be, on paper, a matchup advantage for the Lightning. They seem bewildered by the Caps 1-1-3 neutral zone trap and unwilling or unable to do what it takes to get through some of the Caps clutching and grabbing. It's a total failure up and down the lineup and the coaching staff at this point.

Should they throw in the towel? No. I've seen this team come back from dropping the first two games at home against this very same franchise in 2003. It's not a lost cause. But this team's got to find its resolve and its poise to get a foothold in this series in Game Three first before all hope is lost. Get something to hang your hat on at 5v5 and go from there.

Anthony Cirelli was -1 with 1 shot and was 50% on 10 draws in 11:10.

Box score and extended statistics from

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Old 05-14-2018, 09:07 AM
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Sad to say but when you go down 0-2 in a hockey series the team that is up wins the series 88% of the time.

Stralman does need to sit if not at 90%. Give one of the kids a chance to show they can play.

Vasilevskiy Is not the same either. I think this is because with this being his first full year as the #1 he was not in the type of shape that a #1 has to be in to compete game in and game out, let alone go deep in the post season where it is expected he plays every game. In other words our coaching staff mismanaged his playing time and ran him into the ground.

On the flip side the coaching staff finally made a good choice by switching our forth line to he Ovi line.

We very well may get bounced for the second time in the ECF. Is it time to reshuffle the deck and tweak this team to make it better? Is it time to finally try and find that power forward we need?

Is the NHL to blame for this debacle? They do share some blame. It is the NHL that allows the on ice officials to call a game one way during the season and then to look the other way during the play-offs. And please do not say this is play-off hockey as hockey is hockey and there are rules to this game. If they want to change the rules for play-off hockey then they should write a separate rule book just for play-off hockey so everyone can be on the same page.

Sorry for this little rant but I expect more from those that wear our sweater, and from those that call the game, and from those that run this league.
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